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comicsverse in the press with chris claremont

In addition to our myriad of interviews, reviews, analyses, articles, videos, and podcasts about comics, ComicsVerse often finds itself in the press due to the quality and fairness of our writing. Pull quotes from appear on covers of comic books from every major comic book publishing company. Furthermore, publishers have linked to our content directly and quoted us in various articles. Here is a sampling of some of the presence of ComicsVerse in the press.

ComicsVerse in the Press: ComicsVerse Pull Quotes!

ComicsVerse in the Press: Links to Others Discussing ComicsVerse

[lists sio_type=”star”]Huffington Post Article About Diversity Citing ComicsVerse and Quoting our Podcast and CEO[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”]Publisher Drawn & Quarterly features ComicsVerse’s podcast on AYA: LIFE IN YOP CITY[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”]ComicsVerse interviews Michael Deforge ahead of STICKS ANGELICA[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”]ComicsVerse quoted as a source on Nick Spencer’s SECRET EMPIRE Marvel Comic Book[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”] quotes ComicsVerse’s YOUNG JUSTICE article[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”]ComicsVerse’s Culture Section is honored by the Southern Law Poverty Center for Promoting Diversity[/lists]

[lists sio_type=”star”]AMC’s television show HUMANS uses pull quotes from[/lists]

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