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Comics Saved My Life: Image of the ComicsVerse Family at Special Edition: NYC 2015.

ComicsVerse uses comics as a platform to discuss social issues of our time like race, sexuality, gender, and inequality. Our goal is to promote positive social change in the world through acceptance and tolerance.

ComicsVerse provides comic book journalism and original content in many forms. We write comic book reviews and analyses. At comic book conventions, we typically interview more comic book creators and actors than any other news source.

We’ve interviewed artists and writers like Phil Jimenez, Greg Pak, Chris Claremont, and Scott Snyder at various conventions all around the United States. Additionally, we create weekly video content for your enjoyment that adds our unique spin of in-depth analysis and the relationship between comics and human rights.

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Perhaps the crown jewel of ComicsVerse is our podcast. Sometimes on the podcast, we conduct interviews with creators like Chris Claremont, Rick Remender, Marv Wolfman, and Gene Luen Yang to name a few. More typically, our podcast consists of roundtable discussions that break down and analyze comics in a meaningful way.

The ComicsVerse Podcast developed a reputation for podcasting about politics, human rights, and civil rights and mixing them with Marvel and DC Comics characters. Additionally, people have also heard of us due to our character study podcasts. Due to our character study podcasts that contain analyzation of a character’s needs, wants, tragic flaws, and public persona, we perform an incredible amount of research before conducting a podcast.

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Comic Book Culture

In addition to comic book news, comic book reviews, analysis, podcasts, and videos, we offer content unrelated to comics. People often ask us why. In short, the answer is that we wanted to go beyond curating content our audience would like. In conclusion, we want to create our own content about culture, politics, gaming, movies, television, internet subculture, and music.

Comics Across Mediums

We cover anything related to comics. Our coverage includes comic book movies, conventions, and events. While we aim to cover most comics from Marvel and DC Comics, we also write and talk about other publishers and independent comics.

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