Welcome to our next episode of Comics On Screen with Travis Czap! In this show, we explore the on-screen adaptations of some of the best-known comic characters. In this second episode, Travis explores the film and television versions of Batman!

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The caped crusader, originally appearing in comic books, was first adapted to the screen in several black and white serials in the 1940’s. A popular TV show featuring Adam West and Burt Ward as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin aired in the 1960’s. The popularity of the show led to a movie uniting Batman’s greatest enemies in a plot against him, but after the show’s end, it was decades before fans saw the dynamic duo on screen again.

The Modern Era of Batman Filmmaking

The modern era of Batman filmmaking began in 1989 with Tim Burton’s BATMAN. This movie was the first in a series of four, the first two of which were directed by Tim Burton and starred Michael Keaton. Tim Burton’s movies inspired the creators of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. This series won several Emmy awards, making it one of the best adaptations of Batman to hit the screens.

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Christopher Nolan directed Christian Bale as the troubled hero in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. Fans hold these films in high esteem, and for good reason. Bringing a grit and realism to Gotham City helped keep things more grounded and relatable, and this style influenced DC as they continued to make superhero movies.

Comics on Screen

Since then, Ben Affleck has worn the cowl. Ben also appears in BATMAN V SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD, and he’ll be in this fall’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. Ultimately, he’ll return in THE BATMAN, which is the first Batman solo film of the DCEU.

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This episode of Comics On Screen focuses primarily on the modern era of Batman filmmaking. From 1989 to the present, Travis explores the past and the future of the caped crusader. He even checks out just how much Batman really sticks to his “no-kill” rule.


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