comic recommendations for June 29, 2016

So many comics, so little money. Not sure which comics to pick up this week? The ComicsVerse staff has you covered with our top comic recommendations for June 29, 2016.


Darth Vader

Corey Spanner: The upcoming issue of DARTH VADER by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca looks to be an action-packed climax to several plot-lines. As the series draws to a close in the next few issues, things are moving fast. This issue finds Vader facing Cylo and his army in a battle that has been a long time coming. Additionally, friends are becoming enemies as Doctor Aphra takes on the murderous droids that were once her most trusted allies.

For a book that has been stellar for over twenty issues, it somehow finds a way to keep getting better. Thanks to awesome characters and expert-level storytelling that have propelled the book to greatness, this issue has the chance to go down in the history books.


Extraordinary X Men

Nick Marinelli: This X-Men team has really been put through the ringer. After the fallout from SECRET WARS, they are truly on their own, and the world hates them more than ever. Storm has tried her best to keep it together, but her crisis of faith is starting to divide her teammates. As Forge grows bitter over her budding romance with Logan, the latter is developing a strong (and non-creepy) relationship with Jean Grey.

The X-Men titles have always been Marvel’s greatest soap operas, and EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN continues that tradition. It looks like another action-packed issue, as our team is trapped 1,000 years in the future, battling Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen—and their former friend and teammate Colossus. And he’s not the only friend giving them problems, as Old Man Logan has been taken over by a Venom Symbiote. We’ll find out in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN whether our heroes (once again) have what it takes to survive.

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Matt Murphy: In the finale of DARK JEM, Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits continue their team-up to try to take down Silica and the Sickness. With Jem nowhere to be found, the bands are on their own trying to take down the rogue program. Luckily for both bands, Pizzazz is back and ready to take back the music!

So, why am I excited for this? Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell introducing Silica (a virus in Jem’s programming) as a main villain for the series is reminiscent of Marvel’s introduction of the Dark Phoenix. This arc has felt like a completely different title for the past six issues, with Campbell’s artwork constantly evolving and M. Victoria Robado’s normally bright color work replaced with dark, foreboding shades. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS continues to innovate with the use of music in comics, and with Silica’s brainwashing chords, DARK JEM has been one hell of a ride. I’ll miss Campbell’s artwork, as this will be her last arc on the book, but knowing Thompson and Campbell, this creative team is going out with a bang.



Matt Murphy: This week is special because we finally get a trade paperback collection of Archie Comics’ new JUGHEAD series. Why should you care about JUGHEAD? Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson, that’s why. Zdarsky and Henderson started this book together in October, and their styles of humor have meshed perfectly to create one of the funniest books on the stands right now.

JUGHEAD, the second series to premiere in the company’s 2015 relaunch, is the most imaginative and reminiscent of the original Archie stories. Jughead’s rebellion over the cafeteria’s new stance on food has him in a battle with Riverdale High School’s new principal. Sound a bit dark? No worries, reader! Jughead’s imagination will lead you on a bunch of different, crazy adventures that only Zdarsky and Henderson could land so perfectly. The book can be a bit cartoonish, but there are no complaints here at ComicsVerse. That’s just how JUGHEAD should be.



Kara Waltersdorff: This beautiful, emotional miniseries has reached its final issue. PLUTONA, told from the viewpoint of kids, is a story about a superhero—sort of. The superhero in question, Plutona, is found dead early in the series, and it’s up to the kids to figure out what happened.

With a fun, colorful art style and sharp writing, PLUTONA offers an interesting take on a traditional story. Plus, at the end of every issue, there is a colorful bonus story starring Plutona herself, before her untimely death.

The series conclusion is this week, and I’m interested to see how it ends. If you haven’t picked PLUTONA up yet, it’s only four issues—the fifth being released this week—so go now and catch up for the finale!

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Spider Gwen

Brian Delpozo: The issue I’m looking forward to most this week is easily the SPIDER-GWEN ANNUAL from Marvel. After a rocky relaunch, the series has really picked up in the last few months, and this one-shot from writer Jason Latour and a cadre of artists (including Latour himself) should be no exception.

The solicits alone promise a secret mission with Earth-65 Captain America and the debut of that universe’s She-Hulk, plus the Mary Janes and Spider-Ham himself. If those characters weren’t enough, Latour has continually assured fans on social media that the issue will weave story threads that affect the title for the next year plus. Whether that means it will introduce the long-awaited “Gwenom” storyline is yet to be seen.



Phil Casey: What’s the best way to celebrate one of the best titles of 2016 featuring perhaps the best up-and-coming author in the industry? By buying the first volume of that spectacular run in trade. Tom King teams up with artists Mike Del Mundo and Gabriel Hernandez Walta to bring together the best book that Marvel has published in 2015 and 2016, VISION. With the first volume coming out this week, all you trade waiters out there can go out there and support one of the best talents in the industry today with your cold, hard cash. Plus, if you have not read it, well, now is your chance.

In this volume, Vision returns to the laboratory—where the menacing Ultron created him as a ruthless weapon—to create an American Nuclear family, and he comes away with a wife and two teenage kids. The series is an incredible look at what it means to be human and “ordinary” and what a family of Visions is truly like. G0 buy and read.


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