Russian language comics company Red Port comics are looking for your help. Their website provides readers with comics content by authors from Russia and the CIS. This is 100-percent original creator-owned content by Russian writers and artists, inspired by a combination of American, European and Japanese comics culture. However, their content is Russian language-based. But they want the whole world, including you, to be able to read their comics. With that in mind, they have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund an English version of the site.

If you want to contribute, visit this link!

You can also visit their Facebook page here!

“But why contribute?” I hear you ask. Well fortunately for you, we have a taste of what they have to offer below. So far they have launched the first issues of two new ongoing series, THE STORIES and SOTERIA. Both seem visceral, alive, full of danger and drama.

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In THE STORIES, by writer Artem Treskov and artist Blagodar, supernatural forces gather around people connected with art. In issue #1, we meet Harry Peck, an aspiring actor who, in a bid to further his acting career, takes part in an unusual experiment.

Author Artem Treskov promises a riveting series: “There is a new story in each issue, new characters in each series; their fates [interweave], their lives are tragic and the end is unexpected.”

Red Port comics Red Port comics

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Meanwhile, SOTERIA, written by Ksenia Glazunova with art by Anna Kurbatova, is set in the confines of a psychiatric clinic called “Hills of Sorrow.” Some patients have just arrived, while others call it home. But danger lurks beneath the surface at this place. People who have their own struggles must band together against the menace in the shadows. In issue #1, you’ll meet the main characters and dive into the world of “Hills of Sorrow.”

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Red Port comics Red Port comics

Not only do both sound intriguing, but the art on both series looks great. Would THE STORIES intense looking art by Blagodar push you to read more? Or would SOTERIA, set in a world of fractured greys and psychological thrills set your pulse beating for further shocks? If the answer is a resounding yes, then support Red Port comics and open up the floodgates to a whole new world of Russian comics.

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