The story of Norton Sinclair and Father Fred continues! What is this mysterious old barn? Jeff Lemire delivers suspenseful storytelling as Father Fred and Norton Sinclair wade through the mysteries of Gideon Falls. Andres Sorrentino and Dave Stewart provide gritty and raw artwork.
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GIDEON FALLS #2 picks up a few hours after the intense ending of the first issue. Father Fred is in custody for the murder of Mrs. Tremblay, and he’s having a tough time convincing Officer Clara of his innocence. What follows this questioning is a slow dive into the eeriness of Gideon Falls. We catch up with Norton Sinclair, and the way his story parallels with Fred’s shows how Jeff Lemire has this story pegged down. Of course, Andres Sorrentino and Dave Stewart’s artwork only assists this storytelling.

What clues do we learn about in GIDEON FALLS #2? Read on to find out.

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Is Norton Sinclair Insane?

The biggest draw in GIDEON FALLS #1 was the portrayal of Norton. Who was this man that collects trash? Were the pieces random or was there some sort of order? In GIDEON FALLS #2, we witness a grand reveal: the garbage Norton is finding (nails, pieces of wood, etc.) are scraps that could theoretically make up a barn.

Yeah, remember the barn at the end of issue #1? There seems to be a connection. Norton even shows Doctor Xu a drawing of the barn Fred witnessed last issue. While Norton is certainly a bit paranoid, there’s no doubt that there’s a connection. Unless Lemire is really messing with us.

Father Fred: Murderer?

I love the interrogation scene in GIDEON FALLS #2. When the corpse of Mrs. Tremblay was found last issue, I actually didn’t think Father Fred would be a suspect. But it makes total sense: who else could have done it? And, to add to the drama, we learn Fred’s past life isn’t too picturesque: public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and assault.

Image courtesy of Image Comics

This adds some depth to Fred (he’s a bit of a rebel holy man) but also puts him in the spotlight of Gideon Falls’ finest. This will obviously have repercussions in future installments of GIDEON FALLS. Will he have a harsh relationship with Officer Clara? What about Officer Tony? As Fred sits in his temporary jail cell, Tony claims he believes Fred, but says he can’t say too much at the moment.

It’s hinted that Tony is referring to Father Tom, the priest of Gideon Falls before Father Fred came into the picture. Readers should recall that last issue, Father Fred followed Father Tom out of his room and into the woods where Fred noticed the old barn and the body of Mrs. Tremblay. With Father Tom’s body found (presumed underwater and missing when the interrogation of Fred was taking place), it can be assumed Fred will go home free.

What is This Mysterious Barn?

So we know Norton Sinclair — though he might not know it — is collecting pieces for a barn. What does it mean that Father Fred saw it briefly? And what does it mean that Doctor Xu witnesses it at the end of GIDEON FALLS #2? Will she believe Norton now? Or is it possible she won’t even live to tell of the experience?

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I’m curious of the direction Lemire is going to go here. How supernatural is this going to get? And when will our two protagonists finally meet? The images Doctor Xu sees inside the barn are horrifying and devil-like. As a woman of science and psychology (and a buddhist), what will be her take on demonic creatures?

Gideon Falls has the potential to have a very in-depth history, so I hope Lemire takes the opportunity to slowly build that up. He’s done a wonderful job with these two issues (particularly with character development), so I’m not too worried that he’ll give a proper backstory to this barn and the mysteries of Gideon Falls.

The Artwork of GIDEON FALLS #2

Image courtesy of Image Comics

Jeff Lemire and Andres Sorrentino as a creative team will go down in comic book history. They have such good synergy (proven in series like GREEN ARROW and OLD MAN LOGAN) that it’s no wonder they wanted to take on a non-superhero project to really flex their creative muscles.

Sorrentino’s proportions are always spot on, and that’s seen wonderfully here in GIDEON FALLS #2. As Norton and Doctor Xu walk together in the park, you can really feel how balanced everything is in the scene. From their own space to the space of passing pedestrians, nothing seems too cramped or spread out. And his facial expressions give solid characterization, assisting Lemire’s dialogue to the fullest.

And then there are the colors of Dave Stewart. I dig the dark colors they’re going for with this series. It gives a feeling of melancholy and despair, an interesting quality because this series began with a priest. But when Stewart does use some colors, he really makes it count. For example, when Doctor Xu sees the old barn at the end of GIDEON FALLS #2, the reds used on the demons in the windows really stand out. Your eye can’t help but falter a bit and gaze upon the scary imagery.

What can we Expect Next?

GIDEON FALLS #2 is another great issue in this series. I have no doubt that every issue from here on out will be solid. Readers should put a lot of trust in Lemire’s storytelling and Sorrentino’s illustrations. I’m curious how deep Lemire will go with notions of mental health. Norton is clearly a bit unstable, but because his ideas are turning out to be true, it might damper the message meant for his character to deliver. Of course we’ll have to wait and see, but besides that, I’ve no worries about the success of this series.

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