Warning: This post contains spoilers from CLOAK AND DAGGER episodes 1 ‘First Light’ and 2 ‘Suicide Sprints!’

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CLOAK AND DAGGER will soon air on ABC’s Freeform, this June 7th! Here’s our review of the show’s second episode, ‘Suicide Sprints’. This episode further fleshes out the titular characters, Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt). While we still see them living their lives individually in this episode, we continue to see their ongoing struggles.

The Plot — Struggles for Broken People

‘Suicide Sprints’ gives the audience more time to see Tandy and Tyrone separately. Not to worry though, as it seems we will be seeing them connect soon enough in the coming episodes. At the start of the episode, Tandy struggles with her actions from the last episode, ‘First Light,’ where she injures a guy assaulting her.

Given her history as a thief, Tandy’s episode arc is all about her desire to move on and run away. Her boyfriend Liam (Carl Lundstedt) helps her prepare to leave. Tyrone also has to deal with the consequences of his fight from the last episode during his basketball game. Unfortunately, Tyrone skips class and practice, deciding to go after the cop that killed his brother just before the accident happened.

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Tandy in ‘Suicide Sprints’

Throughout this episode, we get to see Tandy and Tyrone deal with two very different situations. Tandy is trying to leave town, saying that there’s nothing in New Orleans keeping her there, even when she knows it’s not true. Her troubled life causes her to think very little of herself. She runs away when things get difficult or serious.

This episode sees Tandy struggling to get the funds together for a new identity, while at the same time convincing herself it’s the right thing to do, leaving what little ties and happiness she has.

Suicide Sprints
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

All throughout this, Tandy still has no control over her powers. Her hands glow bright white at random, much to her fear whilst trying to keep a low profile. She also has another moment where she gets a glimpse into Liam’s feelings about her, which makes her want to run away even more.

Tandy’s arc in this episode is pretty strong. There’s a lot of dynamics and feelings she has going on just by nature of her life as a thief and a pill addict. I very much enjoyed seeing her character get more dimension as she struggles to choose between moving on to a new life or holding on to what little comfort she’s built for herself.

As the season goes on, I’d expect that her tendency to run away will prove to be a significant challenge. It will probably be one of the first hurtles Tandy and Tyrone will have to deal with before they can work together, probably to find out how they got their powers as well as facing the hurt that night caused for both of them. Given that sort of scenario, Tandy’s first instinct will probably be to run, given what we’re seeing in this episode.

Tyrone in ‘Suicide Sprints’

Tyrone’s episode arc is a definite improvement from the last episode. When speaking with Father Delgado, the school director, they talk about his anger. Father Delgado refers to it as a poison within Tyrone, one that he has to control, lest it spill over and poison others.

Tyrone counters by asking whether or not the person who gave him the poison deserves some poison himself. He’s talking about the cop that killed his brother.

Suicide Sprints
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

This conversation leads Tyrone to go looking for this cop more than a few times in this episode, seeking revenge. Tyrone is driven by his intense anger, as it motivates him to seek what he sees as justice. We see that same anger when he’s doing his sprints. As he runs, he’s thinking about the cop, his family, his brother, and the circumstances of his life. He wants things to be different. And he wants his poison to spill over into the one who gave it to him.

Tyrone’s intense emotion could lead to some serious problems later in the season. It looks as though his anger could easily cloud his judgment. Something like that could get himself, and eventually Tandy, into trouble.

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Positives From ‘Suicide Sprints’

‘Suicide Sprints’ continues to show us who Tandy and Tyrone apart from each other, before they inevitably come together as the audience knows they will. Their lives have both been shaped by the accident they were both a part of. Even though their life paths and circumstances are different, they feel in very similar ways.

They both feel anger, loss, regret, confusion, and brokenness. This episode continues this theme to great effect. Once Tandy and Tyrone finally do come together, viewers should hope that they might be able to help make each other feel whole. When you have broken characters such as these at the start of a season, there’s a great opportunity for them to help each other grow. They can build themselves into better, stronger people. There will still be those hurdles, as previously noted, but together they will probably overcome them.

Another good positive from ‘Suicide Sprints’ is the contrast depicted between Tandy and Tyrone’s mothers. Tandy’s mother cares very little about her, while Tyrone’s mother cares for him very much. ‘Suicide Sprints’ takes the time for viewers to see both mothers interact with their children, and see the struggle that’s present with each respectively. The contrast was very interesting in my opinion: A mother who cares too much can be just as burdensome as the mother who cares too little.

Negatives From ‘Suicide Sprints’

While this episode does a good job of continuing to establish Tandy and Tyrone individually, I feel as though that’s all this episode does. There are no big developments or changes made beyond this. Neither of the biggest decisions or actions we see from either character is fulfilled or resolved at the episode’s conclusion, which was a little disappointing.

As a result, despite this episode having some good dynamics and arcs, the ending isn’t as satisfying as it could be. Even a few minutes more of the ending scene would’ve have made the cliffhanger we’re left on more enjoyable.

Suicide Sprints
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

To conclude, ‘Suicide Sprints’ provides an episode that gives viewers a deeper look into the lives of Tandy and Tyrone. It does a good job of it, but unfortunately, that’s all we get. Hopefully, the third episode will have Tandy and Tyrone finally coming together and interacting, working towards controlling their powers and being a team.

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CLOAK AND DAGGER airs this June 7th, 2018 on ABC’s Freeform 

'Suicide Sprints' Review
The episode provides some good individual characterization for both Tandy and Tyrone. The episode plot could have improved however.
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