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Wizard World Philadelphia was abuzz with fans, cosplayers, and plenty of guests during its 2016 convention. From Stephen Amell to Christopher Lloyd, attendants were able to meet stars from their favorite movies, comics, books, and much more. One of the biggest highlights, as always, was Artist Alley. ComicsVerse was on the scene throughout the weekend to be sure to get a word in with as many guests as possible.

One of the best parts of Artist Alley is the opportunity to speak with some supremely talented people. It’s easy to marvel at the dedication it takes to develop such skills, and it’s so rewarding to get to pick the brains of those with such a wealth of experience.

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One such guest that ComicsVerse’s own Travis Czap managed to catch a few minutes with was Clinton T. Hobart, whose artistic philosophy is quite different. Using two-dimensional art as a performance medium, he represents inanimate objects as though they were performing in a theater. The effect is quite interesting, capturing an amusing humanity in the most mundane objects.

Unfortunately, Clinton’s skill is often capitalized on by art thieves who reprint and resell his work without his permission and authority. Since the time of this interview, Clinton found yet another website stealing his work. It’s an interesting look at one of the darker sides of the art world.

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Nonetheless, Clinton keeps moving forward. With life experiences that have brought him all over the nation, Clinton finds inspiration everywhere he goes. That’s the mark of a true artist. For the full interview, check out the video above, and keep an eye out for the art of Clinton T. Hobart. You can find him and many other artists at your local Comic Con!

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