It’s Laura versus Taskmaster as the All-New Wolverine is being pushed to the limits of her moral restraints…

It’s issue three of Tom Taylor’s action-packed solo title about the new female Wolverine, Laura Kinney, and it kicks off with a fight against Taskmaster – a villain extremely dangerous because he’s able to adapt to any given fighting technique, which is why he can only be defeated by a Laura out of control with fury. After a quick fight, it turns out that the three clones Wolverine thought dead are still very much alive and well – at least for now…

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This is by far the most action-packed issue of the run thus far – which really suits the book. The pages feel dynamic, like watching a very well-cut action movie. The two artists, Lopez and Navarrot, have done a great job at drawing a Laura that seemingly jumps, slices and punches right through the panels, which is why the action sequences in this book have been some of the best of what we get to see in comics nowadays.


Something I found off about this issue, though, is that Taskmaster – as well as another popular character who’s making a small appearance towards the end of the issue – has seemingly only been included in this book for cliffhanger purposes and a quick fight, not to further the story, let alone be characterized that much himself.

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Another thing that’s pretty special about this issue is the humor. Since it works as a means of characterization, it makes the characters grow more to the reader’s heart – it is extremely important to characterize the newly introduced sister characters so we care about anything that’s going on, at all, and ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #3 admittedly does a pretty good job at that, as the series already has at giving us a good idea of where its titular character stands in life and morally.


This time, though, it almost feels like Taylor constantly keeps shoving in the reader’s face the extents to which Laura has changed – to a point where she’s literally having the exact same dialogue with one of the sisters she had in the last issue and where all sorts of different characters keep on mentioning how “the Wolverine doesn’t kill any longer.” Even though we do see Laura get pushed to the boundaries of these moral intents as she is confronted with her inner rage, it’s still not only repetitive, but also an annoying and ineffective way of conveying that to the reader – instead of having us figure this out by ourselves, which would have worked beautifully, since the action scenes present Laura as someone you shouldn’t mess around with, and who still doesn’t want to unnecessarily take life, the reader is just constantly told as to how Laura has changed – just a few times too often.

Nethertheless, ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #3 was a fairly enjoyable issue, neither lacking in the breath-taking action scenes a good Wolverine book should have nor the humor and sensitivity for characters we find in any good X-book.

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