CIRCUIT BREAKER’s first issue was released this week, published by Image Comics and written by Kevin McCarthy with art from Kyle Baker.

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The writing in issue #1 it’s not quite as sharp as it could be. It’s not awful, but it’s not great either. One of the main problems is that, for a first issue, it does not give much of a chance to meet characters or put the basics of the plot together. There are some good scenes and lines of dialogue, like the line below that says, “All things are possible because possibility exists in all things.” That is a really insightful, beautiful line, but other parts feel disjointed and a little hard to follow. The story absolutely feels like it should be good, so hopefully future issues will build upon the writing and make more of the plot add up.

The plot should have been interesting, but there wasn’t quite enough articulate story included in this issue.

CIRCUIT BREAKER’s story is that during World War IV heroic robots save Japan, but after the war they are outlawed. Once the robots have been outlawed they wage war on the last city on the planet. The robots’ creator makes one more soldier, disguises it, and tasks that robot with disabling the enemy robots. However, it feels like hardly any of that was included strongly in the issue.

circuit breaker

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Similar to the writing, the art of CIRCUIT BREAKER leaves things to be desired. The art feels sloppy and, in some places, unintentionally sketchy. My guess is that the artist was going for an anime style, but I don’t feel like it really hit the mark. The details are rough and the robots are mostly similar, with one exception. The robot that is created to defeat the others is vastly different in style (pink hair, below); she seems to be more anthropomorphized than the others, with large eyes and bright colors.

The top panel on the page below is a highlight–the color and facial expressions are great–The little details are also wonderful like the mustache and the woman’s headband. circuit breaker

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I really wanted to love CIRCUIT BREAKER. My summary and my first impression were positive, and I was definitely very interested. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet my expectation. It definitely has promising features, but it feels like it’s lacking some vital elements.

The language feels very broken and staccato, while the art seems sloppy and a little rushed. I definitely want to pick up the next issue to reevaluate, and I’m hoping it will live up to the idea presented by the story.

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