This year at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016, ComicsVerse was lucky enough to sit down with Eisner-nominated artist Christa Cassano. She gladly discusses her involvement with and creative process behind adapting John Leguizamo’s famous one-man performance GHETTO KLOWN into a full-fledged graphic novel. We also spoke at length about her work with Hang Dai Studios, a small group of creators working to publish independent comix that are free of the constraints of traditional, mainstream comics. Along the way, we talked about how mainstream comics are beginning to draw upon a more diverse array of voices, giving traditionally unheard or marginalized peoples the opportunity to share their narratives with the masses.

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Be sure to check out future works from Christa: including a spread in HEAVY METAL, an upcoming novella, and a short-run independent comix! For more information on Christa’s upcoming projects, be sure to find her on Twitter @ChristaCassano! If you liked this interview, be sure to let us know in the comments below, on YouTube, or on Twitter @Comicsverse.

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