Of all of the MCU’s Chris’s, which Chris is the best Chris? Is it Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pratt? My answer? Chris Pratt, aka Starlord. Pratt is by far the superior Chris in the MCU. No contest. But…if you really need evidence, here are the reasons why.

He Started from the Bottom…

Chris Pratt began his epic journey as an actor in Hawaii. Homeless and living in a van on the beach, Pratt worked as a dishwasher at Bubba Gumps. He earned just enough to make a few ends meet. During this time, he was discovered by a director and cast for a small horror film in LA. He then went on to continue a career as an actor playing supporting roles on the O.C. and EVERWOOD. His first headshot also happens to be one of the greatest headshots ever.

Chris Pratt

Breakout Role: Andy Dwyer

Chris Pratt’s acting prowess truly took off when he got the role of Andy Dwyer on PARKS AND RECREATION in 2009. Originally meant to be a small role only lasting for a few episodes, the producers liked him so much that they asked him to be a series regular.

As the show went on, it became clear pretty fast that Andy would become a legendarily funny television character akin to Micheal Scott, Troy Barnes, or Joey Tribbiani. Pratt’s flair for improvisation, unique humor, and overall charm shines with Andy on this show. It’s probably his most popular role on television. It’s also probably why he quickly became a valuable commodity for the film industry starting in 2014.

Playing such a hilarious and popular character on television really gives another point to Pratt as the superior Chris. Did Evans or Hemsworth again such popularity when they began as television actors? No. The answer is no.

Chris Pratt

2014-2015: The Age of Chris Pratt, Funny Action Hero

2014 marked Chris Pratt’s transition to film when he took the lead role in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s THE LEGO MOVIE. This role was perfect for Pratt, as this animated feature depicts a Lego mini-figure, named Emmet. Struggling to fit in with his lego world, Emmett ends up being hilariously underprepared to be a hero and save it.

This film let Pratt show off more of his hilarious antics on the big screen. Audiences love his performance as Emmett, and studios definitely started to notice him. It was time for Pratt to not just be funny, but to also be awesomely cool.

Chris Pratt

In 2015, Chris Pratt took the lead role in JURASSIC WORLD, playing velociraptor handler Owen Grady. Suave and charming, Grady helps evacuate the island when disaster strikes and dinosaurs roam free, as they are wont to do in these films. This film gave Pratt the opportunity to show his abilities as an action hero. He leads a squad of trained velociraptors while riding a motorcycle in one scene, looking like a total boss while he does it.

Revisiting Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Pratt went on to star in films such as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN where he, of course, plays a totally legit cowboy, or PASSENGERS, an action drama with Jennifer Lawrence set in space. However there was one role before JURASSIC WORLD, one magnificent and incredible role, that would come to embody everything that Chris Pratt is and can do as an actor, which catapulted him as the superior Chris…

Star-Lord: Legendary Outlaw

In 2014, Chris Pratt got the role to play Star-Lord in the MCU’s latest film, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, directed by James Gunn. Pratt was hesitant to take the role, and Gunn was unsure as well before they actually met. Once the casting director convinced them both to meet, it was set. Gunn saw that Pratt was perfect for the role of Peter Quill, and thus Chris Pratt was well on his way to becoming the best Chris in the MCU.

Peter Quill is a human outlaw, living in space after his abduction from Earth. Learning to thieve and fight with the Ravagers, Peter Quill makes a name for himself as Star-Lord. However, Star-Lord is a name that struggles to catch on. Quill eventually joins other outlaws and criminals to become the Guardians of the Galaxy. Together they do some good, some bad, and a bit of both.

Chris Pratt
Photo Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Pratt’s Portrayal of Peter Quill

Because he was abducted in the 80’s, Peter’s Earth pop culture references come from that time period and no later. He’s never without his walkman and headphones. He’s cocky, reckless, and thinks he has more going for him than others would have him believe.

However, at the end of the day, he has the desire to help his friends and sometimes others. He does the best he can to lead his team. In short, he’s an eighties kid who turned into a swashbuckling space outlaw.

Marvel and Youth: One Generation To The Next

Chris Pratt embodies Quill perfectly. His natural charm and wit transfers over on the screen very organically and works well for depicting Star-Lord’s character. I’m sure Pratt and Gunn infused elements of Pratt’s personality into the development of Star-Lord’s on-screen character.

But, if you look at the comics, Star-Lord would definitely be at the top of the list of heroes that Pratt is most like. Also, out of Captain America, Thor, or Star-Lord, which hero is the most relatable for fans? The highly genuine moralistic patriot who seems to do no wrong, the God of Thunder, or the guy who does the best he can given his extraterrestrial circumstances? (Hint: It’s Star-Lord)

Off-Screen Chris Pratt: A Super Awesome Dude

Pratt is just a cool guy. Not only does he have an incredible social media presence (you should see him rap about his snacking), he has a huge heart for helping people. For instance, in 2016 he donated $500,000 to a teen center that was built in honor of his late father who died in 2015.

He frequently visits children’s hospitals where he supports and encourages the kids there, giving toys and encouraging them such as when he visited the Seattle Children’s Hospital in Washington, where he grew up.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is awesome. He’s a great father who loves his son, loves the Lord, and he’s a Seattle Seahawks fan (my favorite team)! He’s just an overall nice genuine guy who seems like he’d be a ton of fun to be around. It seems like his humble beginnings have led him to be very grateful and humble for what he has achieved.

Chris Pratt

Conclusion: Pratt is the Superior and Most Awesome Chris

It should be noted that the other Chrises, Evans, and Hemsworth, have said themselves that Pratt is the best among them. That should be another point for Pratt if anyone’s still conflicted. Pratt IS Star-Lord, being heroic and full of swag both on and off the screen when he’s just himself.

If you’re still hesitant to name Pratt the Superior Chris, let me leave you with an epic quote from Pratt himself at a charity screening for kids:

“Take it from a kid who grew up having no money and struggling to get by. Just know that if you stick to your path and you believe in yourself and be courageous enough to be yourself, you can group up an be your own Star-Lord. There ya go.”

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Chris Pratt can be seen next as Star-Lord in INFINITY WAR, releasing this April 27th.

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