At this year’s Wondercon, we landed a Chip Zdarsky interview! Chip Zdarsky is one of the most dynamic and hilarious people working in comics today. Chip worked as an illustrator and columnist for a Toronto magazine more than a decade. Then, he decided to answer the call to be a comics creator. Chip’s career subsequently soared to stardom as the artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed SEX CRIMINALS alongside fellow comics talent Matt Fraction. As a lifelong Marvel fan and a fantastic humorist, his next big project led him to take the reigns for a boundlessly creative run of HOWARD THE DUCKNow working on STAR-LORD, Chip’s currently set to take on one of comics’ most beloved and iconic characters, Peter Parker, in the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN

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In this Chip Zdarsky Interview, Chip Lets Loose!

Sometimes taking the reigns as a writer, and other times as the artist, Zdarsky established himself as the multi-talented master of quirky illustration. He is known for misfit characters like ARCHIE’s Jughead and STAR-LORD’s Quill, and whimsical dick drawings. Despite his dry wit, Zdarsky maintained the great Canadian tradition of being incredibly sweet and approachable during our meeting. We were able to snag a few minutes with him in between signing and drawing for his countless fans. However, we made sure to get the dirt on Sex Criminals’ upcoming TV adaptation, his thoughts on writing Spider-Man, and of course, some questions about sex stuff.

Be sure to listen up for his thoughts on his already astonishing career in this Chip Zdarsky interview. Finally, keep on eye on what he comes out with next. Based on his track record, it’ll probably be creative, hysterically funny, and probably a little inappropriate.


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