Chip Zdarsky interview at C2E2

ComicsVerse was lucky enough to catch one of the comic industry’s most vibrant personalities , Chip Zdarsky in a brief moment of free time at this year’s C2E2 in Chicago. Zdarsky is currently working on a couple of projects, both ongoing and upcoming. Most notably, Zdarsky will be relaunching Peter Parker in THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN this summer with prolific artist Andy Kubert. The debut issue of the latest iteration of the title launches in June, giving fans time to reacquaint themselves with the character as he will be portrayed in July’s upcoming film: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING.

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Chip and I talked about his most anticipated upcoming project: SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, a title being launched with the aim to bring Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man back to the Friendly Neighborhood from whence he came. Dan Slott’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will continue to chronicle Peter Parker’s globetrotting adventures with Parker Industries, while the SPECTACULAR title will run independently alongside it, reminding fans of what made Spider-Man truly amazing.


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Eisner Award-Winning comic creator Chip Zdarsky brings an eclectic energy to the comics medium, both as an artist and a writer. Zdarsky is most well-known as the artist & co-creator of SEX CRIMINALS, a staple of Image Comic’s line with Matt Fraction, as well as his recent writing work on Marvel’s HOWARD THE DUCK and the first eight issues of JUGHEAD for the series’ Riverdale relaunch. Zdarksy has also gained media traction from his repeated interactions with various social media profiles of different restaurants such as Applebee’s. Additionally, Zdarsky ran a mock campaign for mayor of Toronto back in 2010. We at ComicsVerse would have endorsed his candidacy and implore him to run again.

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