Prepare your sweet game moves! After a slight delay, the new Summer 2018 anime CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD is on track! On March 5th, the official website for the show went live and announced the new cast and staff. This list includes the main protagonist Chio Miyama and the main female characters up to the manga’s 3rd volume. As for the staff, the website announced the director and a new character designer.

What’s CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD about?

CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD is a comedy with a little bit of fanservice (panty shots) and a little bit of yuri (girl’s love) thrown in. The anime features a simple premise—Chio walking from her house to her high school. However, the situations Chio encounters on her way are different each day and her reactions to them are hilarious. Despite “standing out” being her biggest fear, Chio comes up with bizarre ideas to overcome the obstacles in her path. These ideas range from using game moves from ASSASIN’S CREED to parkour over a giant barrier to calling herself “Bloody Butterfly” to escape from a biker gang leader.

Chio is also a bit of a loner. She thinks of herself as a part of the “lesser crowd” and has difficulty interacting with other people. In addition, she’s constantly analyzing social situations to determine which outcome will lead to the least ridicule from her peers. However, unknown to Chio, most of her peers sympathize with her quiet nature and think she’s cute. Thus, as the story continues, Chio’s social life begins to slowly expand.


The Cast Announcement

Chio's School Road: Chio and Manana
Chio and Manana show their friendship. | Image: Anime News Network.

Thanks to the translation from Anime News Network, we know who’ll be playing Chio, her childhood friend Manana Nonomura, the ever popular Yuki Hosokawa, and the extremely diligent Kabaddi team captain Madoka Kushitori. Here they are:

  • Naomi Ozora as Chio Miyamo.
  • Chiaki Omigawa as Manana Nonomura.
  • Kaede Hondo as Yuki Hosokawa.
  • Yo Taichi as Madoka Kushitori

All of the voice actors have a history of playing young female characters for both main and supporting anime roles and have unique talents for bringing their characters to life. Naomi has great comedic timing. Chiaki expresses multiple sides to her characters. Kaede brings a lot of energy to her voice acting. And Yo brings a lot of personality to her seductive characters. In combination, these four women are bound to create a lot of fun moments and entertaining interactions for fans of CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD to enjoy.

The Staff Announcement

Anime News Network also translated who will join the staff of CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD. The director will be Takayuki Inagaki and the character designer will be Mayuko Matsumoto. Inagaki has directed several comedic anime, delivering laugh out loud moments and visuals that show a variety of character expressions. One of his recent successes was his storyboard work for AHO-GIRL’S third and seventh episode. These episodes flow with constant, well-timed humor and hilarious interactions between the characters. If Inagaki can capture the manga’s humor as well as he did with AHO-GIRL, CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD will be a real treat.

It’s also exciting to hear that Matsumoto is part of the character design team. Matsumoto has provided character designs for multiple anime, creating characters with unique looks that fit their individual personalities. Matsumoto recently created the character designs for HANDA-KUN and they’re by far some of his most stand out designs yet. His designs deliver a lot of expressiveness in the characters’ faces and fit very closely to the manga version. With his successful work on HANDA-KUN, we can expect elaborate detail and care put into the character designs for CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD.

Along the Road We Go!

So far, the production looks good for CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD and there are a lot of announcements to look forward to, such as a new promotional video. Back in 2017, Kadokawa released a sneak preview of the anime, but it was largely instrumental and provided little context in regards to the characters or the series. Fortunately, with a new cast and Diomedia behind the animation, an improved PV should be in the works. The manga for the series is only available in Japan, but an English release does look promising. Recent comedic anime have received English manga releases (AHO-GIRL, HANDA-KUN, and TSUREDURE CHILDREN), so there’s hope for this anime too!

Featured image courtesy of the CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD official website.

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