Rumors are swarming around the CW’s RIVERDALE, and we will receive some of our answers in this week’s episode. One question the show will soon answer is the true identity behind Chic Cooper — Betty’s long-lost brother.

Chic is a new character in season two of RIVERDALE and causes a lot of problems for the Cooper family. He uses manipulation to get his way and gives everyone the creeps.

The CW’s RIVERDALE is a Secret-Filled Sensation

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There are a lot of odd things going on around Chic. One thing that was fishy from the get-go was how adamant Betty’s father, Hal, was to not meet his “son.” Alice decides to meet her long-lost son and even goes behind her husband’s back to do so. (It is also strange that Alice and Betty continue letting him stay at their home after his drug dealer is murdered in their own home.)

Is Chic Actually Betty’s Half-Brother?

There is one possible explanation for everything that could be simple and piece everything together. The theory is this: Chic Cooper is actually the half-brother of two of RIVERDALE’s main characters: Betty and Jughead. In RIVERDALE’s second season, we learn that Betty’s mother once rolled with the Southside Serpents in her glory days. We also see that she has a sexually tense relationship with Jughead’s father, FP Jones.

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Could this have been because they once were an item themselves? Perhaps having a child scared the teenage couple away from each other, causing them to go down different paths? There are times in season two where we see hints towards this type of relationship between Alice and FP. We also know that in their younger days, Alice was part of FP’s crew.

The Clues

Due to the clues we’ve been given this season, including the fact that Hal was adamant about not reconnecting with the baby Alice gave up as a teenager, it would make sense if Chic wasn’t Hal’s son at all. Maybe he is actually the son of FP Jones and Alice Cooper.

FP Jones
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At the end of last week’s episode (season 2 episode 15), Betty secretly tests Chic’s blood and finds out that he isn’t who he says he is. Now, it is possible that Chic isn’t the man he says he is at all (maybe he has taken on the name of someone he once knew and is actually not related to the Coopers whatsoever).

However, due to everything else the RIVERDALE writers have put into this season, it is more likely that Chic is somewhat who he says he is. If Chic is related to Alice and Betty (and Betty’s sister, Polly), then he is surely the son of FP Jones and not Hal Cooper.

Is Chic Cooper actually Chic Jones?

This week’s episode (season 2 episode 16) will reveal Chic’s identity. After this, viewers everywhere will know exactly who he is. Who is the mysterious, unsettling man? What will happen once we know his true identity? What will the Coopers do? Will Alice still keep him as her own and trust him completely, wrapping him in her maternal arms? Or will Betty be able to get through to her? There are so many questions that we may soon have the answer to.

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However, the main one is the one that we’ve been thinking for months now: Is Chic Cooper actually the son of FP Jones? We will just have to watch this week’s episode of RIVERDALE to find out. One thing is for sure, though: no matter what happens and no matter who Chic really is, the drama at the Cooper household is far from being over.

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