Writer Tom King completely reinvented Vision in the character’s 2016 series. He had a family, a job, and tried to live a normal life. Of course, it all went to shit, as most things in the Marvel Universe tend to. But, the series did manage to end on a satisfying note, wrapping up many of the story’s threads, while also leaving a few questions lingering. Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION aims to tie up many of these loose ends and further evolve Vision and his daughter, Viv.

After the gargantuan success of Tom King’s VISION, it’s only proper that Marvel follows up with a creative team with the potential to drive Vision’s story in an even more sporadic direction. Writers Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan are just the team to do it. Marvel recently announced that these two incredibly diverse writers will be bringing us the next chapter in the hallowing story of the Visions.

In the months since Tom King’s VISION concluded, a great many things have happened to both Vision and Viv. Vision was taken over by Hydra and beaten to a pulp by the Hulk, and Viv was turned into a human for a little bit and is currently going through some emotional problems. All of this will undoubtedly have some effect on the story of this new Vision series.

I’m here to dissect the details Marvel has revealed to us thus far, and speculate on what could come to pass in Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION.

An Exploration of Life in Tom King’s VISION

Just a heads up, light spoilers for Tom King’s VISION ahead. Tread carefully. In fact, I recommend treading in the direction that leads you to read that series first, if you haven’t already, before reading this article. Otherwise, continue on!

What We Know So Far About Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION

Marvel announced the new VISION series during San Diego Comic-Con. Along with the reveal of the writing team and November start date for the six-part series, we also learned that artist Aud Koch will be handling the artistic duties for the book.

Many people were shocked to hear Cain would be handling another Marvel book, given the backlash she received regarding her 2016 MOCKINGBIRD series. I’m sure people (myself included) are eager to see what she brings to the table this time around. I’m hopeful her second Marvel outing will be a fruitful venture.

I also hope asshole grievers can leave her alone long enough to actually let her tell an interesting story without feeling the need to harass her for doing her job.

Here’s the official synopsis for Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION.


When the Vision decided to try to live a “normal” life, he built a wife, a son and a daughter—a family—only to watch it nearly all crumble. Now all that’s left is Viv, his learning-to-be-rebellious daughter, and Sparky, the family robo-dog. But what does it mean for an artificial intelligence to rebel? And can a synthezoid father handle single parenthood? The married writing team of Chelsea Cain (Mockingbird) & Marc Mohan join rising star artist Aud Koch for a new take on the Vision family that will once again have everyone talking!

What Can We Take Away From This?

Frankly, there’s not much to go on thus far. It’s mostly a rehashing of Tom King’s VISION, along with a few questions to keep us guessing for a little while. There aren’t many exact details for us to use. Although, it’s not like we should have exactly expected them to begin with.

It seems like a given that Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION will actively deal with the consequences of Tom King’s VISION. The way that series ended left a lot of potential for new storytelling threads. I’d also expect the series to react to the many other recent events that have unfolded in both the grander Marvel Universe and the personal lives of Vision and Viv.

I’ve got a few more specific ideas to share, so let’s get to them.

What Does the Cover for VISION #1 Tell Us?

Far be it for me to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION, I think we can bend the rules a little bit. Pictured below is the cover for VISION #1.

Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan's VISION
Cover for VISION (2018) #1. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

With comic books, I find you can often glean a little something about the story from what the cover shows you. That’s especially the case for VISION #1. Pictured in the red background is Vision. The color is fitting for his character, but it’s also fairly dark, perhaps implying the story will take on an equally grim thematic tone.

What’s more interesting is how the word “VISION” is displayed over the characters face. In each letter, there’s a different image shown over Vision’s face. In the first “I,” there appears to be a man with glasses. There’s a man with a thick beard and a scowl on his face in the “N.” And, if I’m not mistaken, the “S” actually shows the image of a woman.

Could this imply Vision’s goals as a part of this new series? Will he be aiming to become more than what he is? Is he still eking out some semblance of normalcy or humanity? Or could this imply the deterioration of Vision’s mind, as he tries to combat dueling personalities? Whatever the case may be, this would be an incredibly clever point for Cain and Mohan to play with. I’m eager to see how this idea, if at all, plays out in the story.

AVENGERS and CHAMPIONS Give Us A Lot to Look At

Writer Mark Waid’s AVENGERS and CHAMPIONS have essentially set the foundation for where Vision and Viv’s relationship will go next as part of Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION.

Since Tom King’s VISION concluded, we’ve only really seen Vision and Viv in the Marvel Universe as parts of larger ensemble titles. Although Vision is no longer an acting Avenger, he still did have quite a bit going on while he was with the team, such as the “Kang War One” and “Worlds Collide” arcs. And, most recently, he got ripped to pieces by the Hulk during AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER. He’s on the mend now, but he’s not looking too good.

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Viv has been one of the most prominent members of the Champions. Since the young team’s inception, she’s been pivotal to their chemistry and colorful flair. She’s probably the character who’s received the most development as a part of that series. A massive chunk of the “Worlds Collide” arc was dedicated to her; this was when she became a human, which lasted for a few issues after that arc concluded.

As the synopsis for Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION implies, Viv has been on a rebellious turn as of late. She’s evolving, so to speak, in ways Vision may or may not be prepared for. We’ve seen a lot of this in CHAMPIONS as Viv grows more and more attached to her friends, and less attached to her father. She tries to maintain a relationship with him, but with both of them being so logically-minded, it often boils down to them turning away from each other.

With all of these developments in mind, it should be interesting to see how Cain and Mohan handle this family relationship moving forward.

What’s Vision Been Building?

In case you missed the first warning, here’s another one: spoilers ahead!

Tom King’s VISION ended with the titular character building what looked like yet another synthezoid body. It was an incredibly sudden and disturbing image, with drastic implications for what could come next for the character. I suspect this was Vision’s attempt to rebuild his wife, Virginia, or his son, Vin. Since that series ended, though, there have been little to no hints that that project is still in progress.

One part of Vision that I’ve found most interesting lately is how overwhelmingly lonely the character feels. Yes, he has Viv and his fellow superhero friends, but at his core, Vision is alone in the world, as there aren’t many others like him. Thus, he may be trying to rebuild his lost family, so he can feel like he belongs to someone again, and so he can have someone to share his life with.

Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan's VISION
From Tom King’s VISION #13. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Or, perhaps Vision is building something completely new. Maybe he’s building a new version of himself or a new synthezoid family member. Maybe he’s given up on the project entirely. I highly doubt that, but it is a possibility.

Whatever he is (or isn’t) building, I fully expect Cain and Mohan to deal with it in the upcoming series. There’s no way it isn’t, at the very least, addressed to even the slightest degree. It was such a potent moment for Tom King to conclude on, so I can only wonder what Cain and Mohan will do with it moving forward.

On the Matter of Emotions

Recently, Viv has followed in her father footsteps, regarding shutting off her emotions. She’s trying to keep herself focused on team missions. However, as part of the current CHAMPIONS arc, she’s realizing that the whole “no emotions” thing isn’t really working out. It seems inevitable that Viv will flip her emotions back on, and she’ll act out more naturally moving forward.

I sincerely hope Vision follows in his daughter’s footsteps regarding this emotional stuff, because frankly, since Vision stopped being emotional, I’ve hardly been able to stand him. Yes, it made sense as part of Tom King’s series, but that was crucial to the storytelling. Otherwise, having an emotionless Vision is just really annoying.

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As I mentioned earlier, I find Vision to be a lonesome character. I think that’s recently been in part due to his lack of emotions. He can’t and/or won’t relate to other people, preferring to seek out the most logically sound method for handling a situation. Vision’s always been a smart character with unique ways of handling things, but without his emotions, he’s become colder and more robotic. This is no doubt a huge contribution to the character’s underlying loneliness.

I can easily imagine Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION playing out as Vision’s search for humanity, but with the underlying theme of how important it is to emote and allow yourself to be vulnerable from time to time. I imagine the series ending with Vision tossing his delusions of normalcy aside and finally reactivating his emotions.

Of course, that’s just me. That’s what I’d love to see, but it’s likely that’s not how it’ll play out. Whatever happens, though, I just want an emotive Vision again.

Could Vision Die?

I know speculating about death can be an extremely convoluted and annoying venture, but hear me out on this one. Recently, in CHAMPIONS #22, Vision revealed to Nadia Pym (the new Wasp) that his internal systems are failing. He implied that he could very likely die in the near future.

Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan's VISION
From CHAMPIONS #22. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Much as I’d love to see an ending to Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION where the title character gets his emotions back and moves on to live a happier life, I can also see an ending where he actually dies, and that’s it. With all that’s been going on with Vision lately, he’s been on a downward spiral, moving towards some sort of fatal end. This could be that end.

I’d love to have this theory disproved. I wasn’t really a big Vision fan until now. He’s undergone some powerful development lately, being written as a more believable character with a story we can care about. I want to see more of his personal story. That’s where the most interesting facets of his character lie.

I sorely hope Vision doesn’t actually die in Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION, fitting as it could be. Vision’s proven he’s more than an ensemble of circuitry and wires, and that he’s a real person. I’m hoping for a happy ending but fully prepared for a dour one, as well.

What About Viv?

In terms of Viv’s story, I’ve come to realize she shines brightest when interacting with her fellow Champions. She had some truly touching moments as a part of Tom King’s VISION, but her strongest development has come during times she’s been with her friends. She’s given a stronger focus in CHAMPIONS, whereas she felt more like of a side character in Tom King’s VISION.

As for Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION, I’m not sure what to think. I wonder if the writers will pick up on what writer Jim Zub hinted at in CHAMPIONS #22. If so, then I suspect she and Vision will share many more personal moments. They’ll spend more quality time together, and Vision will likely be subtly preparing her for a life without him, should he expect to die.

Or, perhaps Viv will be the one to teach her father, swaying him back to a life with emotion. I’d much prefer to see that story pan out, but your guess is as good as mine. Of course, I’m speculating based on the two ideas I’ve already put forth. I can’t begin to think of all the other possibilities that Cain and Mohan could bring to the table.

Overall, though, I’m just hoping for more general growth for Viv. She’s actually one of my favorite characters from the more recent years of Marvel. She’s been through a lot and has really stood out amongst many of the other newcomers. So, whatever the case, I’m happily expecting something new for her character as part of the upcoming VISION series.

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It’ll Be Quite the Show

There’s so much potential for Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION. Writers Tom King, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub have all offered the building blocks for the next piece of the Visions’ story. Now, it’s up to Cain and Mohan to make something of those pieces and build something spectacular.

Both Vision and Viv have been through so much already, and yet, there’s still room for so much more. Their relationship is an intriguing mystery because you never know how it could change next. Cain and Mohan will have every faculty to move this relationship along however they please, so here’s hoping they deliver something exciting.

There’s no telling what could happen in this series. Could someone die? Who knows?! Will Vision bring someone new into the family? Your guess is as good as mine. Could Viv finally move on from her father entirely? I sure hope not.

Regardless of what comes to pass in Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan’s VISION, there’s no doubt that it’ll be dramatic and worth our attention. The recent character arcs of both Vision and Viv have been absolutely stellar. I’m eager to see how they continue as a part of this new series.

VISION #1 by Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, and Aud Koch drops in November.

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