After recent rumors, Kristen Wiig will officially play Cheetah in the upcoming WONDER WOMAN sequel. To some, this seems like a casting choice coming from left field. Here are some reasons why Wigg’s casting isn’t all that strange, and why she may be perfect for Cheetah.

Wiig Isn’t Just Good for a Laugh

The majority of Wiig’s popularity comes from being on SNL for several years as a beloved cast member. She also stars in several comedy films such as BRIDESMAIDS. Unfortunately, many people feel as though the comedy genre is all Wiig is capable of. However, Wiig has recently been making a transition into a few more serious roles. Here are some examples:

Serious Roles and Darker Natures

For example, Wiig has a role in the very recent film MOTHER!, a modern-day allegory full of Biblical references. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this film is anything but funny. Wiig plays the character known as the Herald, a character who becomes incredibly horrifying as the film goes on.

Her character works as a publicist for Javier Bardem’s character, a poet who has just written a new book. As the plot intensifies, we see Wiig’s character execute several people in the midst of a chaotic mass of people.


She also has a role in THE MARTIAN, about an astronaut left behind on Mars. While containing funny parts, THE MARTIAN is a drama. In this film, Wiig plays Annie Montrose, a secondary character who serves as NASA’s head of public relations. She spends the majority of the film focused on public perception as they try to rescue the stranded astronaut. The last example I have is from THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, a television series about a group of survivors after an apocalyptic event.

The series is a comedy, and Wiig’s character is funny. However, it may be the best example of why Wiig could be perfect for Cheetah. In the show, Wiig plays Pamela Brinton, a seemingly friendly woman who was an upper class before the world changed. However, she takes too many resources from the rest of the group due to her previous lifestyle. As a result, the group plans to get rid of her. When she discovers this, she hatches a plot to kidnap one of the group members, revealing her darker and sinister nature underneath.

Wiig Could Handle New 52 Cheetah

In DC Comics, Cheetah’s New 52 origin would be great on-screen. In the New 52, Barbara Ann Minerva is fascinated with archaeology and the divine. Originally friends with Diana when she worked for A.R.G.U.S, Minerva comes into possession of a cursed knife. The knife transforms whoever cut themselves on it into the Goddess of the Hunt, the Cheetah. Diana always believes that her friend is still there and can be saved.

Unfortunately, Minerva’s transformation into the Cheetah makes her volatile, violent, and as vicious as an actual cheetah. Minerva transitions to a life of crime, searching for more artifacts by any means necessary. She also has a high interest in Amazonian artifacts and finding Themyscira.


Cheetah’s origin will most likely shift a bit for the big screen. In the DCEU, Wonder Woman’s civilian life involves her work at the Louvre as the Curator for Antiquities. It’s a fitting job for someone who has lived as long as she has. Given Minerva’s interest and obsession with artifacts, it would be natural to have her begin as a fellow friend and colleague.

Their relationship could be established in the first act and then have the cursed knife come into play in the second. Wiig would be playing two characters, Minerva and Cheetah. Starting as a friend, and then becoming a corrupted version of that character. This is where the examples of the Herald and Pamela Brinton come into play. Wiig has already proven, albeit on a smaller scale, that she is capable of depicting the emotional range needed for the WONDER WOMAN sequel.


Patty Jenkins Believes Wiig is Perfect for Cheetah

The confirmation that Wiig will be playing Cheetah comes from a tweet from the director herself, Patty Jenkins. In her tweet, Jenkins says that she is very excited to confirm the news, describing Wiig as incredibly talented. This tells us the Jenkins believes Wiig will do a great job acting out her vision for the WONDER WOMAN sequel.

We should remind ourselves that Jenkins is largely responsible for bringing us the best DC film to date. WONDER WOMAN is a bright film, with strong characters, an engaging plot. It also has the least amount of issues and hang-ups when compared to the other DC Films. We can and should attribute that to Jenkins direction and her vision.

She’s obviously very passionate and invested in these films, so I’m sure that Wiig’s casting was made with a very conscious direction in mind. The studio didn’t want the “No Man’s Land” scene in the first film. Jenkins argued that it was necessary, and it made it into the final theatrical cut. As a result, the “No Man’s Land” scene falls into the majority of fans’ favorite scene. Jenkins thinks Wiig is perfect for Cheetah. So…let’s trust Jenkins, who’s trusting Wiig. They both deserve it.

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Anyone Remember Ledger’s Casting Announcement?

As a final point, I would like to offer a reminder about how the majority of people reacted to Heath Ledger’s casting as The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. In the beginning, when the announcement was made back in 2006, several people voiced their displeasure over Ledger’s casting.

They were saying he had the charisma of a “lettuce leaf” and couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. How wrong they were. When the film came out, many people changed their tune. Fans were praising the incredible performance that earned him an Oscar. Ledger’s Joker is seen as one of the best live action Jokers to date.

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Wiig in the WONDER WOMAN Sequel: Let’s Be Optimistic

I’m not saying fans should expect an Oscar-worthy performance from Wiig as Cheetah. Nor am I saying that the number of fans hating on Wiig’s casting equals the number that initially hated Ledger’s. Some fans seem genuinely excited in their social media responses.

However, to those DC fans who already disagree with the casting, I’m saying that we should be optimistic about Wiig. She’s proven she’s a good character actress. She could very well surprise us all, doing something unexpected with the character. Wiig could be perfect for Cheetah, and perfect for the Wonder Woman Sequel.

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