Summer has officially begun! Last season had plenty of amazing anime, but summer has many that show promise. With many students out of school and people taking vacations, fans finally have free time. While some might use that free time to do boring things like sit on a beach, many of us have finer pursuits. That’s right, binging dozens of hours every week until our eyes hurt. But like with every season, watchers have a problem. Where do you possibly start? Most Spring series are either finished or quickly approaching a final episode. As such, we have about two weeks until summer anime begin to drop and it’s time to start watching. It’s doubtful you’ll be able to spend every waking moment scouring the internet for new shows. Don’t worry though, we’ll go ahead and handle that for you. ComicsVerse has compiled ten summer anime.

While this isn’t an absolutely definitive list of shows to watch, it’s a good place to start. Most anime have at least a trailer or two by now. Some others have longstanding manga series to pull from. For the list itself, the summer anime we’re spotlighting are from a variety of genres and styles. There are bound to be at least a few that’ll pique your interest and keep you entertained.

In making the list, we at ComicsVerse watched dozens of trailers, perused synopses, and speed-read through relevant manga chapters to evaluate series potential. The basic idea here is that quality manga with good looking trailers make for amazing summer anime. With that, in no particular order, here are ten great anime sure to fill up your summer!


This one is absolutely obligatory. As an avid reader of the manga, I can tell you that this will be the best season of ATTACK ON TITAN yet. Season 2 concluded with protagonist Eren discovering newfound powers and more information about life beyond the walls. ATTACK ON TITAN, for those who have yet to experience its greatness, is an anime in a post-apocalyptic world. A near invincible race of giant humanoids called Titans terrorizes society, eating any person in their sight. The last members of the human race live in a city separated by three massive walls. Within the walls, soldiers and police protect citizens and defend against titan attacks. The series follows Eren Jaeger as he works toward his goal of exploring beyond the walls and saving humanity.

Summer anime ATTACK ON TITAN
Internal conflict meets humanity’s doom! | Image: Crunchyroll

This season, more so than the two prior, builds upon the increasingly complex mystery of ATTACK ON TITAN. The reason it needs to be on your summer anime list is because, at long last, some of those series-long questions get answered. ATTACK ON TITAN achieves engrossing content through constant buildup and action. The mystery behind every episode enhances the fights within. As a fan, there’s a strong desire to understand every facet of the series’ world. Season 3 has a focus on the politics of society within the walls. We’ll learn about the hidden class warfare of humanity, and how the rich react when their safety is threatened. Season 3 premieres July 22nd.

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This action-packed, inventive anime combines an older storyline with a fantasy twist. Taking place in 1930, a group of hunters suddenly arrive at the imperial capital. Each one steps out into the night carrying a musical instrument case, ready to track down and kill vampires. While we don’t know much about each individual character, there are reasonable conclusions about the protagonist. Yuliy is a werewolf, and we know these strange “Jaegers” hunt vampires. Given those two observations in tandem, TENROU: SIRIUS THE JAEGER probably has some awesome supernatural combat. As you can see in the several PVs and trailers out so far, the animation quality is top notch.

Summer anime Sirus the Jaeger
Werewolves meet vampires in this action-packed series | Image: SIRIUS THE JAEGER Official Website

Yuliy and the Jaegers are part of a strange battle over a holy arc known only as “The Arc of Sirius.” The anime has major mystery, thriller, and action vibes. The Jaegers all have their own backstories and weapons specialties. If we’re lucky, that means the weapons in those instrument cases belong to fighters with unique and fresh styles. In any case, the animation alone is incredible.  The character design team includes staff from anime like FOOD WARS and MAGI: ADVENTURE OF SINBAD. Music from the trailers is amazing, and Masaru Yokoyama (YOUR LIE IN APRIL) is composing for the series. Infinite will handle production. TENROU: SIRIUS THE JAEGER drops July 12th. If you happen to be at Anime Expo, you can catch an advance screening on Saturday, July 7th!


This is a story about ordinary high school girl Chio Miyamo walking from her house to school. But it’s an anime, so things are never gonna be quite so simple. Chio is a gaming addict and especially enjoys Western video games. While this seems like a somewhat random character detail, I assure you it’s not. The obstacles Chio faces on her daily commute are strange. Her skill with video games prepares her for some incredibly odd and unique scenarios. The journey is different each day. Some days, her walking involves weird conversations with her best friend Manana Nonomura. Other times, she has to fend off biker gangs and literally fight for her life. In even more extreme instances, she has to perform deadly feats of parkour or even prop herself up between buildings.

A simple road has many obstacles. | Image: MyAnimeList

What CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD capitalizes on is humor from weird forms of conventional actions. This is something the manga does super well, so it’ll likely translate to the anime. It’s incredibly funny, so comedy lovers will enjoy it. As far as summer anime go, series with a strong plot and amazing setting are certainly important. But an anime season would not be complete without a show funny enough to make you fall out of your seat. If the manga is any indication, CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD will certainly be one of those anime. CHIO’S SCHOOL ROAD is commuting to a high school near you on July 6th.  You can check out the PV here.

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ANGELS OF DEATH is an anime based off an amazing video game. While the game is great, the anime should be an even better masterpiece. The story follows protagonist Rachel Gardner and the chance encounter that changed her life. She randomly wakes up in the basement of a strange building right beside a deadly serial killer. This madman, Zack, immediately tries to take her life.

To her credit, she manages to evade his attacks. Meeting potential allies, Rachel quickly has to deduce whether her possible friends are truly foes. The video game positioned Rachel as the subject in a strange and depraved experience. Like in the game, she’ll have to move through multiple ‘stages’ and avoid twisted, horrible fates along the way. Since the video game version of ANGELS OF DEATH focused heavily on user control, the anime will likely have a strong narrative with tons of detail.

Summer anime ANGELS OF DEATH
A frightened teen meets crazed murderer | Image: Crunchyroll

Rather than other new summer anime that transport a protagonist into a video game, ANGELS OF DEATH simply is the game itself. That means we get all the great appeal of a fantasy horror game without needing the exposition of an isekai anime. For those unfamiliar with the term, isekai broadly describes any anime where the main character is transported to another world at the beginning of the story. You can check out the trailer here for some great visuals. If the game’s popularity is any indication, this will be an amazing anime. ANGELS OF DEATH premieres July 5th.


KAKURIYO follows Aoi, a girl with the uncanny ability to see spirits called ayakashi. One day, Aoi is approached by an ogre with some rather harsh demands. Aoi inherited her ability to see spirits from her grandfather, but apparently, there are plenty of other things he passed down too. Her grandfather owed a massive debt to the ogre. As repayment, the Ogre demands that Aoi marry him, but she promptly refuses. Instead, she works for a bed and breakfast to pay off the debt. The series is very fun and easy to fall in love with. There are a lot of gags and jokes pulling directly from Japanese folklore. In this regard, KAKURIYO is a fantasy anime definitely worth making your way through.

Summer anime Kakuriyo
Not all inheritance is welcomed inheritance. | Image: KAKURIYO Official Website

The idea of a human being able to see spirits certainly isn’t a new one. But oftentimes, it’s an idea implemented by shonen anime that contort it or take it too far (cough, cough, BLEACH). KAKURIYO keeps it simple, and that’s the source of its consistent comedy. Rather than get too deep, this summer anime makes passing references to Japanese folklore and evolves it into a comedic saga perfect for modern audiences. Kakuriyo is currently streaming weekly.

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I’m always a fan of unique sports anime that go beyond the standard set of basketball, football, baseball, or tennis. HANEBADO! is an anime all about badminton players, and that alone should have you sold. Tachibana Kantarou is an enthusiastic high school volleyball coach with tons of energy. Problem is, his team has far less enthusiasm than he does even on a good day. One day, however, he meets Ayano Hanesaki, the main character of the series and a naturally gifted player. She’s incredibly physically fit and effortlessly dominates on the court. But, she doesn’t seem to have much interest in the sport despite her incredible skill and talent.

Summer anime HANEBADO
Not your average sports anime. | Image: MyAnimeList

This Toho Animation summer anime has incredibly fluid animation, which you can check out here. As with pretty much every sports anime, the good ones are capable of making a normal sport look badass and amazing. While Ayano initially is reluctant to play badminton, she meets some other students that drive her to awaken her competitive spirit. The anime will likely follow a progression of stories as the team follows the path to success. The manga is already out, and within just one volume there are plenty of scenes that will look amazing once animated. HANEBADO! premieres July 1st!


And no, this isn’t some fancy new food. BANANA FISH is an incredibly direct examination of organized crime and the people within it. While there is no real “main character,” a lot of the series involves Ash Lynx. A naturally handsome man, Lynx was raised as a cold-blooded killer. He experienced years of trauma during his childhood, being victimized and abused by his adoptive father and forced to learn about the world’s atrocities. But eventually, he turns against the evil men who raised him. His story is deep and dark, but it isn’t the only one BANANA FISH focuses on. Several other characters are all major parts of the show, and the serious nature of their backstories is often as thorough as it is tragic. Given the content of the manga, this summer anime will likely be fairly explicit in terms of adult themes.

Summer anime BANANA FISH
A dark story of crime and suffering | Image: Anime News Network

Where this series truly shines is the amount of detail and exposition that go into creating its setting. Every instance of the layered gang, guerrilla warfare, and crime-based conflict has ample set up that draws from legitimate histories of organized crime in New York City. One place the manga struggled that the anime will likely improve upon is pacing. The manga moved somewhat slow; the anime has the opportunity to quickly move through the huge amount of source material available from the manga. In this regard, BANANA FISH is certain to be a summer anime capable of surpassing its manga and putting forward an engrossing story. BANANA FISH airs July 5th.

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Summer anime DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL follows a gothic magic user named Yurine after she summons a demon. The summoned is a girl with the tail of a cobra named Jashin-chan. Yurine is a college student living in a rundown apartment. Now, she’s forced to share her space with Jashin as a pair of unlikely roommates. But, there’s one especially unique aspect to their relationship. Yurine has absolutely no idea how to banish Jashin-chan back to hell without dying. If Yurine dies, Jashin will immediately be able to go home. In order to take this easy route back to the underworld, Jashin constantly plots to take Yurine’s life. The resulting interactions are likely to be totally hilarious.

Summer anime Dropkick on my Devil
Could you last with a demon roommate? | Image: DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL Official Website

The supernatural comedy is adapted from the original manga by Nomad. The studio has adapted several other series such as ROZEN MAIDEN, SOLA, and VENUS PROJECT. Series illustrator Yuwiko is probably most well known for NOUCOME, also known as MY MENTAL CHOICES ARE COMPLETELY INTERFERING WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL ROMANTIC COMEDY. If that series is any indication, DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL should be unbelievably funny. You can check out a trailer for DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL here. This summer anime premieres July 9th.


HI SCORE GIRL is a romantic comedy centering around protagonist Haruo Yaguchi, a gamer with pretty much no value in any other part of life. He’s not especially smart, pretty standard looking, and has little athleticism. But, the 6th grader does have incredible gaming skills and dominates arcade games as “Beastly Fingers Haruo.” This anime has a relatively unique kind of gaming focus. HI SCORE GIRL gaming is coin-op, meaning the kind of games in the show are 90s arcade style games rather than those on consoles or PC. The manga series was well known for accurately documenting years of gaming software and culture. In fact, the manga was even involved in a pretty serious lawsuit because of how accurate its characterization of other games was.

Summer anime HI SCORE GIRL
How many losses before he falls in love? | Image: Crunchyroll

One day, Haruo meets Oono Akira, his perfect opposite in almost every way. She’s smart, athletic, pretty, and whoops him 30 times in a row in Street Fighter II. Beyond that, he can’t beat her in literally any game they play. So, like any gamer would do, he starts spending every afternoon at the arcade trying to beat her. But this isn’t by design. Akira starts showing up at every arcade Haruo does and beats him across the city. The two form a steady relationship that’s wholesome even if strange. This summer anime combines plenty of neat retro gaming with steady romance and great comedy. You can see the duo in action in this teaser trailer. HI SCORE GIRL drops July 13th.


Born in the shadows, evil attacks those with weakened minds. PHANTOM IN THE TWILIGHT takes place in modern London. But, not everything is prim and standard. Strange creatures called “Shadows” are birthed from human fear and anxiety. A young girl, Baile Ton, comes to admire London in the midst of great evil and danger. As soon as she arrives at her university, she gets involved in a bizarre incident and nearly loses her life. Eventually, Baile wanders into an odd cafe that only opens at midnight. Within the cafe are a gaggle of handsome, fierce men, all capable of combating Shadows. The men are special guardians that protect the boundary between humans and Shadows.

A midnight cafe meets monster hunting. | Image: PHANTOM IN THE TWILIGHT Official Website

To anyone who has watched BLEACH, NORAGAMI, or TWIN STAR EXORCISTS, this synopsis might sound somewhat familiar. It’s no secret that this particular archetype of anime isn’t a new one. However, this summer anime looks promising for a few reasons. For one, unlike the standard girl-saved-from-demon-by-mysterious-guardian anime out there, there’s more than one savior. Two, each character seems incredibly cool and unique. PHANTOM IN THE TWILIGHT has several character videos highlighting its cast out already, each featuring great music and visuals. It seems this series has the potential to go beyond what’s standard and really shine as a summer anime. PHANTOM IN THE TWILIGHT premieres July 9th!

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Skip the Beach, Watch Summer Anime!

These ten anime all have amazing PVs out already, and premieres are already starting. Your favorite Spring shows may be coming to a close, but that’s no reason to worry. One of the best things about anime as a genre is that there’s literally too much to ever run out of. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to watch every single show every single season. But, that’s a good thing. It means you have infinite choices to peruse at your leisure. But, before you dive into the massive influx of new shows, definitely check out some from these ten as a solid starting point.

Know of any upcoming shows worth checking out? Let us know in the comments!

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