The Girl and the Glim by India Swift, Michael Doig, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and JP Jordan
Colorful, adventurous, and charming, THE GIRL AND THE GLIM is a book that should be recommended for all ages.
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Change can be a difficult thing. Sometimes it can bring huge positives into your life. It can also present drastic challenges that you must face and overcome. For Bridgette, the “girl” in THE GIRL AND THE GLIM, change comes in the form of a new home, a new neighborhood, a new school and trying to make new friends.

It’s a difficult time for her, as she attempts to positively deal with her new circumstances, while still finding comfort in memories of her old life. She is full of excitement, fear, apprehension, wonder, determination, and hope. It’s a journey that is relatable and true to life. Then her life takes a strange and alien turn…

The Girl and the Glim
Courtesy of Swift and Doig

The Craft Behind the Story

THE GIRL AND THE GLIM is a fish out of water story with a sci-fi twist. Book 1 is the first chapter in a planned trilogy created and illustrated by India Swift, with colors by Michael Doig, letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and JP Jordan as consulting scriptwriter. Swift’s art style is charming and cartoonish, akin to Disney animation but with a lighter inking style.

Her storytelling is captivating, using the panel and character placement to establish a world that, for Bridgette, can feel isolating, lonely, and big. Each panel and drawing serves a purpose, guiding the eye in clever and ingenious ways that at first glance seem simple, but have a lot more nuance and detail in them upon a re-read.

Swift often places Bridgette in a perspective that makes her look and feel small. All we, as the reader, can do is sympathize and watch. Despite this, Bridgette is written wonderfully, with a great sense of naive enthusiasm, her attitude both positive and imaginative.

Swift gives Bridgette’s character time to breathe, sometimes spending a page or two focusing on a single action Bridgette must take. Through this, we take Bridgette’s journey with her. Once we have a clear focus on what her life is like, the story takes a left turn. Bridgette encounters something dangerous and other. Not long after that, we get to meet the adorable glim!

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Adding Layers to the Story

Michael Doig breathes colorful life into Bridgette’s world with a nice mixture of light and shade. His colors compliment Swift’s animated art style. The various shades of blue he uses add layers of emotional depth to each scene. When Bridgette feels low or “blue,” so too does the world around her.

Despite this, it never feels too depressing. As Bridgette perks up, so too do her surroundings. When the glim finally makes its appearance, Doig adds a nice bright outer glow to the character, akin to the warm glow of a star. Its small touches like this that feel like the work that has gone into the book has gone that extra mile.

The Girl and the Glim
Courtesy of Swift and Doig

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou manages to meld the words from the script into Bridgette’s world seamlessly. Indeed, the dialogue and word balloon placement move in a perfect beat with Swift’s art. It’s a pleasure to read, with each character having their own color for their word balloons. It’s a lovely touch and is in character with the rest of the storytelling.

The script itself is tight and has a lovely flow. The dialogue rings true, and the writer does not shy away from leaving pages dialogue-free. There is a trust in the visual narrative. From reading his previous work (such as the linked below PROJECT CROSSROADS) JP Jordan as consulting scriptwriter makes sense. His own writing is natural, strong, and steeped in comics storytelling culture. As a consultant, his work could only strengthen Swift’s story, which builds and builds to a pleasant crescendo.

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Final Thoughts on THE GIRL AND THE GLIM

What the creative team on THE GIRL AND THE GLIM do in telling Bridgette’s story is nothing short of astonishing, endearing, and gorgeous to look at. It’s an all-ages book that tells an honest story about one girl’s battle against her circumstances changing while also setting up the beginnings of a tale that touches on the otherworldly. India, Michael, Hassan, and JP make us care deeply about Bridgette and we, the reader, root for her from the very first page until “To Be Continued.”

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THE GIRL AND THE GLIM can be purchased here.

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