CHAMPIONS #13 continues the Avengers & Champions team up with a strong story and art.
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes
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CHAMPIONS #13 continues the “Worlds Collide” arc, as the Champions team up with the Avengers to deal with crises around the world. The teams seem to gel, but writer Mark Waid hints at developing tensions between them, as we build towards AVENGERS VS. CHAMPIONS.

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Around the World

CHAMPIONS #13 begins with several mixed teams working together to deal with problems around the world. Hercules and Hulk battle monsters in Kentucky while Vision, Cyclops, and Miles Morales stabilize a building in Dubai. Ms. Marvel, Thor, and Spider-Man do the same in South Korea; Nova and Wasp testily deal with a “ghost” building in Shanghai; and finally, Viv Vision and Falcon save World Trade Center One in New York. The sheer scope of the issue is a testament to artists Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado. The issue flows from scene to scene with ease; despite the constant destruction, every panel looks unique. The characters pop amid the falling buildings and everything is always clear and in focus. Ramos and Delgado show similar rescue scenes over and over, but it never feels tired or like they are repeating themselves.

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Writer Mark Waid keeps things moving too. His team formations add for unique drama. Cyclops and Miles treat Vision with respect, but they also push him to fix problems with Viv, their teammate and his daughter. This works as the strongest angle, as Vision echoes both a machine and a stubborn father in his refusal to talk about his daughter with them.

The other teams also have their moments. Hulk and Hercules are old friends, and they act as such. Ms. Marvel comes up with the solution to a shaking building, as Spider-Man and Thor (a former outcast and a ‘legacy’ character respectively) treat her like an equal. Nova and Wasp provide most of the humor, as they do NOT get along, and Falcon and Viv easily use their powers in sync to solve the crisis. There’s great chemistry between almost everyone, which will add a dramatic punch for AVENGERS VS. CHAMPIONS in the future.

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Trouble Evolves

The teams each solve the crises around the world, but the battle isn’t over yet. The monster Hulk and Hercules faced came from the High Evolutionary and, as always, there’s more going on than the obvious. Waid again displays his skills in this moment, as the crisis is big enough to require both the Champions and the Avengers to solve. He gives both teams a stake as well, as Viv and Falcon are transported to Counter-Earth. Worse, it comes just as Vision was about to reveal a big secret about his daughter’s future.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

It’s a great way to end the book. It builds up questions not only for the next issue but also for how Vision’s reveal may affect the teams’ relationship before their big fight. Again, CHAMPIONS shows its mastery at keeping readers hooked.

Final Thoughts on CHAMPIONS #13

CHAMPIONS #13 is another strong entry in the series. It continues the “Worlds Collide” story ably while leaving hints for the conflicts to follow. Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado’s art is always memorable, with clear scenes and vivid colors. Mark Waid’s writing is strong, blending humor, drama, action, and even some foreboding dread. If you haven’t picked this book up yet, do it now.

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