CELESTE, a 2D platformer about mountain climbing, releases today on all platforms.

An indie game from the makers of TOWER FALL, CELESTE is the story of a woman trying to reach the peak of the mystical Mt. Celeste. The mountain itself is far more diverse than you might expect, with over 600 screens of pine forests, dungeons, and tropical caverns.

The game bills itself as a classic, narrative-driven experience “like mom used to make.” It promises deep characters, “hand-crafted challenges,” and a number of “devious secrets” for the player to find. Supposedly it’s also hard as nails. It’s one of those games that allows for near-instant respawns, which is usually a sign you’ll be dying a lot.


Surprisingly, this game is actually a remake. The developer, Matt Makes Games, developed the original CELESTE in four days with the help of a friend. The game inspired them to create a larger version with a higher budget, which resulted in the game we have today.

The game features a pixel-art style which, while admittedly overdone these days, is used quite well. Environments seem colorful, detailed, and animated. What caught my attention, however, was the music.

There’s more to this mountain than meets the eye.

It has this eerie, mystical feel that fuses classical, electronica, and hip-hop. It’s little things like this that help a game stand out among the crowd, granting it a unique tone and personality.


I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on this game, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. These “pixel-art” games flood the market, and rarely capture my attention. But something about the music, the movement, and the sheer charm of the game is keeping me intrigued. I look forward to trying this game out and sharing my final thoughts on the game.

CELESTE is available now.

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