In light of Mother’s Day in the U.S., ComicsVerse pays tribute to some of the moms of Image Comics. In fact, many of these moms are tough, making them ideal role models for their children and the people they inspire. These are all around wonderfully written and illustrated characters that fight for what they believe in. Overall, these are moms you won’t want to mess with. 

Margaret from MAESTROS

MAESTROS is about a millennial named Will Little who becomes the next Maestro (or wizard king) after his father –Meethra Kahzar — gets murdered by an undead wizard. But Will celebrates Meethra’s death because Meethra was an awful father and a corrupt Maestro. The best way to describe the series is DOCTOR STRANGE meets Judd Apatow films with crude, raunchy humor. In fact, the series features inter-dimensional adventures in many universes, such as the underworld.

Moms of Image Comics
Courtesy of Image Comics

While Will’s relationship with his abusive father is antagonistic, his mother, Margaret, is supportive and goes to great lengths to defend Will. That is to say that Margaret is the type of mom that is supportive and loves Will dearly. Margaret is a powerful queen who is as good at swordplay as she is with magic. Strong, cunning, and selfless, Margaret isn’t afraid to battle any foes that get between Will and his goals. One of Margaret’s signature weapons is a sentient talking sword named Backstabber. Also, teamed up with Will’s girlfriend, Wren, Margaret kicks ass. At one point, Margaret and Wren help Will escape from Rygol and Mardok — the two main villains of MAESTROS — and nurse his injuries.

Notably, one of Margaret’s most noble acts is literally fighting to save Will’s life. In a later issue, Meethra imprisons Will for disobeying his orders to kill the princess of the underworld. Margaret almost loses her life to free Will from his father. This act of heroism surprises Meethra, and he agrees to let Will and Margaret go. As punishment, however, Meethra sends Will back to Earth and Margaret to a desolate place. Overall, Margaret is a fantastic and badass mom with a great sense of style.

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Maggie Greene from THE WALKING DEAD

THE WALKING DEAD is a post-apocalyptic story about people who adapt to their harsh, brutal new world. While the cause of the apocalypse is unknown, there are a few hints as to what happened. Unlike pop culture depictions, the characters in the series are unaware of the word zombie and call the undead horde “walkers”. Maggie stands out for a few reasons. Namely, Maggie beats depression and a few suicide attempts. In addition, Maggie combats loneliness after the death of her husband, Glenn, before she finds new love in the form of Dante. Lastly, Maggie is well respected by her peers such as Rick Grimes, the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Moms of Image Comics
Courtesy of Image Comics

To begin to describe Maggie is to liken Maggie to a mama bear: fierce, strong, and incredibly protective of those she loves. In particular, she’s protective of Hershel, Sophia, and Dante. In fact, Maggie is the de facto leader of the Hilltop Colony which entails the responsibility of governing and maintaining the peace. Like many characters in THE WALKING DEAD, Maggie experiences horrors that we can only imagine. Specifically, Maggie loses her husband, her family, and various friends. Also, Maggie is nearly poisoned by a man who conspires to kill her at one point but fails.

In addition to losing loved ones, Maggie morphs into a hardened warrior and a skilled markswoman. These experiences shape Maggie into a powerful role model for Hershel and Sophia. Moreover, Maggie saves Hershel and Sophia from the destruction of the Hilltop colony when walkers set upon it. In addition, Sophia takes after Maggie and becomes independent. Sophia proves this when she evacuates Hershel when their house is set ablaze. In the end, Maggie’s leadership and resilience make her a good mother.

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Maika Halfwolf from MONSTRESS

In the world of MONSTRESS, humans wage a war against arcanics (half human, half animal) who are persecuted. In fact, MONSTRESS is set in a steampunk version of Asia in the 1900s with a matriarchal society. Like ROSE and THE WALKING DEAD, MONSTRESS has a bleak story but with supernatural elements and magic. The series focuses on Maika Halfwolf, an arcanic girl who shares her body with an ancient god named Zinn, and her companions, Kippa, an arcanic fox girl, and Ren, a wise cat with two tails.

Moms of Image Comics
Courtesy of Image Comics

Maika serves as arguably a mother/sister figure to Kippa because they share many tough experiences. However, Maika is not the most likable character because she’s ruthless, brash, and ill-tempered. Despite those qualities, Maika is not inherently a bad mother figure to Kippa. Maika is quite strong and does care. Although Maika can be harsh, she saves Kippa from danger numerous times. Maika is the one who initially saves Kippa from slavery and torture in the first issues of MONSTRESS. Later on, Maika shares her food with Kippa. Indeed, Kippa’s curiosity and sincere nature is the key that keeps Maika and Zinn’s humanity under control. Above all, Maika shows Kippa to be brave in the most dangerous moments.

Ila from ROSE

Despite her old age, there’s a lot more to Ila than meets the eye. Ila is a mentor figure to the titular Rose because Ila loses almost her entire family to Queen Drucilla’s regime. Likewise, Rose loses her mother to Drucilla’s regime, so Ila helps Rose embrace her destiny as a Guardian and unite with her Khat — Thorne. However, Ila is optimistic, fierce, strong, and wise in her age. To call Ila an old woman is an understatement because Ila leads a resistance movement against Drucilla.

The world of ROSE is bleak because Drucilla persecutes magic users and rebels alike. As the last Guardian, it’s up to the titular Rose and Thorne to liberate Ttreve and bring peace to the world. As a mother figure, Ila inspires a beacon of hope to her peers. For example, while imprisoned in Drucilla’s castle, Ila winds up in a cell with the fallen prince, Felix. Once there, Ila convinces Prince Felix to work together and find a way to defeat Drucilla. One of Ila’s best qualities as a mom is that she’s not afraid to risk her life in order to save innocent people. Therefore, Ila is a surprisingly formidable opponent. She’s not afraid to knock out some would-be goons.


Moms of Image Comics
Courtesy of Image Comics

Ila is the type of mother that wants what’s best for her people. In that way, one can’t help but root for her plight to liberate Ttreve from Druscilla. Thus, Ila is a mom of Image Comics that you would be glad to run into. In the darkest times, Ila brings out the best in people.

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Leotta from SLEEPLESS

Leotta is the queen dowager of the former King of Harbeny and Pyppenia’s stepmother. Although Leotta is not Pyppenia’s biological mother, Leotta treats Pyppenia as one of her own children. Normally, an extramarital affair leads to divorce. However, Leotta mentions that she only married Verato (Pyppenia’s father) to strengthen the Harbenian bloodline. In short, Leotta says that she was okay with letting Verato’s romance with Amena — Pyppenia’s mother — blossom. Because Leotta loves Amena and Pyppenia, Leotta has a tapestry that depicts Verato’s return from a war to Harbenia.

Moms of Image Comics
Image courtesy of Image Comics

Like many moms of Image Comics, Leotta has experienced loss. Namely, Leotta mentions that she loses her children; Leotta’s face shows some of the pain that she experiences. That is to say, Leotta is gaunt, with crow’s feet on the corner of eyes, but they certainly still have a twinkle.

Part of what makes Leotta a good mother figure is that she’s compassionate, regal, and carries a good head on her shoulders. Although revealed in later issues, Leotta uses these qualities to help protect her family and her people. Additionally, the first issue of SLEEPLESS begins with the coronation ceremony of Surno, Leotta’s brother-in-law. After the ceremony, Leotta tells Pyppenia that she’s in shock from all the sudden changes in Harbenia. Ultimately, Leotta moves to her dowager estate which crushes Pypennia. But there’s no denying how much of an influence Leotta is on Pyppenia. For someone who has lost so much, Leotta keeps on trucking and that makes her an admirable mother.

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ComicsVerse wishes you all a happy Mother’s Day! Image Comics has even more great characters; just take a look at our Dopest Women of Image series. Who is your favorite mom from Image Comics? Feel free to let us know in the comments! 

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