Moms are important. For a lot of people, moms help to make us who we are, especially the moms of superheroes. Superheroes also make great moms — they can and will do anything to protect their kids. After all, doesn’t being a good mom make you a superhero in a way? For this Mother’s Day, ComicsVerse is celebrating the moms of Marvel: those who take care of their superpowered kids, and those who are superpowered themselves.

This Week in Unsung Marvel Moments – May 9th, 2018

Mothering a Superhero

Moms of marvel
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One of the best, if not the best, examples of a good mother raising a superhero is Ms. Marvel’s mother, Muneeba. Even before Kamala Khan gained her superpowers, Muneeba was proving herself to be a great mother. In the first issue of MS. MARVEL, we don’t see much of her, but what we do see tells a lot. We know that she supports her children in the way she defends Kamala’s brother, Amir when their father begins to berate him for his lifestyle. Even though she doesn’t agree with their argument, the way she diffuses it shows how supportive and caring she is of both their perspectives. This comes in handy after Kamala Khan gains her superpowers.

In the MS. MARVEL arc “Last Days,” Kamala reveals to her mother that she is Ms. Marvel. Muneeba then admits that she knew the whole time. While Kamala is most certainly surprised, readers learn in that moment and the following moments how great of a mom Muneeba is. She knows her daughter is a superhero, putting herself in danger constantly. Yet, she doesn’t try to stop Kamala, because she knows that this is what she has to do. Muneeba clearly shows that she is glad she raised a child who does what’s right. Above all, she tells Kamala that she is proud of her. This pride, despite the danger Kamala puts herself in, shows that Muneeba is one of the best moms of Marvel.


Moms of marvel
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On top being an amazing superhero, Spider-Woman is an amazing mom too. Pregnancy can be one of the hardest times in a mother’s life, especially if things don’t go well. And boy, did things go wrong for Spider-Woman. In Volume 6 of SPIDER-WOMAN, she suddenly becomes pregnant, but she doesn’t let that stop her from fighting.

Later in the pregnancy, Captain Marvel sends Spider-Woman to an alien maternity ward to keep her and the baby safe during the last few days of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, Skrulls attack the maternity ward. As if things weren’t already bad, Spider-Woman goes into labor around the same time. As Captain Marvel is unable to come to help, Spider-Woman fights them off, has an emergency c-section and saves everyone. This is undoubtedly amazing. Spider-Woman proves herself a dedicated mother and superhero. She fought to protect herself, her baby, and the other mothers in the maternity ward. This mother would clearly do anything for her child, making her a super mom.

Adopted Super Mother

moms of marvel
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Jubilee is one of the most prominent moms of Marvel. She may not have given birth to her kid, but she’s still a super mom. Jubilee found her baby, Shogo, orphaned after a meteor strike in Budapest. She took the baby in, and protected him, no matter what. As it turns out, an enemy, named Arkea, had been using Shogo’s body as a host of sorts to get close to the X-Men. Jubilee continues to protect the baby after Arkea’s influence left and while the other X-Men fight off Arkea. After everything is said done with that fight, Jubilee declares that she will be Shogo’s mother. With no living relatives of Shogo’s to be found, Jubilee makes the decision to care for the baby herself.

Jubilee could have easily found another home for Shogo instead of choosing to raise him. Instead, she wanted him where she knew he would be safe: with her. She does everything in her power to protect him, and this clearly shows her motherly love and affection for Shogo.

Aunt May

Moms of marvel
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Let’s be honest — she may as well be a mother. Aunt May is easily one of the most iconic motherly figures in the Marvel Universe. She raised Peter Parker and made him the man he is today. Without her, Spider-Man very well could have gone to a dark place after the death of Uncle Ben. Aunt May kept Peter Parker sane and safe.

Aunt May eventually does need care from Peter. However, his extreme willingness to help her shows how strong their bond is as his maternal figure. Even when she believes the Daily Bugle’s slander against Spider-Man, she mostly expresses it through her concern that Peter is putting himself in danger for his job.

Additionally, Aunt May is beloved in any Marvel fan’s heart. This is because Marvel fans recognize everything she has done for Peter Parker. They see that she is, for all intents and purposes, his mother.

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Moms of Marvel, Unite!

These moms of Marvel are truly super mothers who’ve done amazing things for their children. Being a supportive parent and raising a child might seem simple or mundane; however, it’s not easy to do, and these mothers accomplish those things in an exceptionally great way. That’s why these mothers of superheroes and mothers that are superheroes are deserving of their super mom status. Any mother has the potential to be a super mom, and every good and loving mother already is.

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