Cecil Castellucci has been consistently knocking it out of the park for the last couple of years. She’s worked on the phenomenal SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL/WOMAN, the impactful FEMALE FURIES, and now, the iconic BATGIRL. She took the time to tell us about all three of these titles at New York Comic-Con 2019.

Cecil Castellucci on Writing Badass Women

Castellucci was so excited to tell us how much she is loving writing BATGIRL, and what she has planned for Babs. While she couldn’t give anything away of course, she teased a little bit of what we can expect from this caped crusader in the future. Check out the full interview above to get the details.

This book is wildly different from FEMALE FURIES, which just wrapped up a few months ago. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Castellucci gives a helpful synopsis in the interview. The material was extremely difficult at times, but Castellucci tells us how she coped with it. In my personal opinion, it was an important story to tell, and she did a great job with it. It was awesome to hear how she brought it to life.

We also discussed SHADE, which is still one of my favorite stories of Castellucci’s. I wondered if she felt any different with a little bit of distance between her and the end of the book. We talked about the heart of the character, and how she feels about her looking back on the experience.

If you follow Cecil Castellucci on social media, you know that her dad loves to review her work. Castellucci then posts those messages she gets from him. I’ve always found this extremely heartwarming, so I asked her about it. We discussed the relationship she and her dad share with comics, and how he’s had to learn a lot about Batgirl as of late. The whole conversation was delightful.

Check out the full interview above to find out more.

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