CATWOMAN #7 by Joëlle Jones and Elena Casagrande
Joëlle Jones shows her wit in character interactions, with Selina in particular. Jones and new artist Elena Casagrande change up the character illustration and color. Overall, CATWOMAN #7 totally teases details to the reader, however the missing pieces leave question and excitement for the CATWOMAN #8.
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New Arc

CATWOMAN #7 begins a new story arc with all new action and adventure. Joëlle Jones introduces Penguin and portrays him well as a character as well as artistically. There seems to be a nice variety of Selina viewed at an intimate level. With the combined effort of new artist Elena Casagrande and Jones, they seem to draw Selina a little different. Overall, CATWOMAN #7 got this reader excited to see Selina connecting with a character from Gotham and what may come of this encounter.

Selina’s Sort of New Life

Welcome to the short “Something Smells Fishy” Story Arc! Selina’s got the custody and care of her sister Maggie and Raina Creel remains missing to the general public. Penguin enters Villa Hermosa and comes looking for Catwoman. Why Penguin’s looking for her is unknown to the reader. However, he sure does grab her attention by blowing up a Ferris wheel at Villa Hermosa Pier. What could come of this?

Whitty and Sharp Character Interactions While Leaving Details Unknown in CATWOMAN #7

Joëlle Jones seems to change up Selina’s interactions with other characters. In previous issues, like CATWOMAN #6 for instance, Selina’s interactions were on the dark side. There was no comedic relief and not to mention whit. However, there are two instances in CATWOMAN #7 that show Jones’s funny, sharp, and feminist side.

At the beginning of CATWOMAN #7, Selina’s out ring shopping (I’m assume wedding ring due to her and Bruce being engaged). The jeweler she speaks to after requesting a bigger ring tells her what she’s looking for might too expensive for her and that her husband should buy it. Oooooh, that made Selina mad. She gave him one hell of a death stare which made him visibly nervous. Can a woman not afford an expensive wedding ring? Who did that little man think he was? So rude. This witty interaction Selina has is when she encounters one of Penguin’s lackeys tell her someone wants to meet her while calling her “sweet cheeks.”

CATWOMAN #7 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

She promptly responds to the man by saying, “I don’t like surprises sweet cheeks.” That brief conversation ended pretty funnily. Now, for a brief compliment on Jones’s portrayal of Penguin. She seemed to capture his personality very well. When he shoots the cab driver for talking way too much, the immediate thought was, “that’s so Penguin.” And of course, his luring technique is certainly his style. Well done on his character.

Lastly, Jones teases the reader by inserting Raina in for a brief bit and ending CATWOMAN #7 with Penguin inviting Selina to sit down. Jones did an excellent job of showing details to the reader while not revealing too much to not have questions for CATWOMAN #8.

Slightly Different Design

CATWOMAN #7 is interesting in the creative department this time around. Jones is still drawing and it’s obvious where her talents stand out, however, if you’ve been a regular reader of CATWOMAN, you might have noticed the slight differences in drawing and color as well. So these differences must be the work of Casagrande.

First, let’s talk about Selina’s illustration. If you’ve got a copy of CATWOMAN #6, hold it for comparison, the differences are noticeable. In CATWOMAN #6, the artistic dream team of Jones and former colorist Laura Allred, illustrate Selina with sharper lines and fairer colors. While Jones and Allred were working together, Selina was drawn with small, yet harsher lines with a clearly defined face. Now in CATWOMAN #7, it seems a lot of Jones’s sharp lines only show up in super close-up illustrations, like the one of Selina giving the jeweler a death stare.

CATWOMAN #7 page 4 & 5. Image courtesy of DCEntertainment.

Casagrande seems to draw (and color?) Selina, and Maggie with a tan hue. As for their features, Kyle’s faces appear softer and their eyes appear darker. Maggie looks healthier and less tired in the eyes. Maybe this change in character design is a good thing. The design signifies a change in Kyle’s lives.

Now, let’s briefly discuss Raina Creel’s illustration. She looks like the walking dead. Raina has no nose, some big, dry eyes, and darker skin, and not in an attractive way. We now see more of Raina’s age with wrinkles outlined in her skin. Now we’ve gotten rid of all that botox and see the ugly truth at its worst (for comparison look at CATWOMAN #1). Having Casagrande on the creative team is fresh and this reader is completely unopposed to having her.

Stunning Close-Ups in CATWOMAN #7

Jones and Casagrande create powerful pieces in CATWOMAN #7. For example, right before we transition to Villa Hermosa pier, Selina scales a building in her Catwoman persona. That square is the favorite for many reasons. First, we see her suit as we’ve never seen it before. You can see the material of her suit glow a sort of turquoise color, possibly from a light shining off the back of her. Then look at the way the moon and sky contrast due to the light pollution from the city. Lastly, Selina actually looks fair skinned and her eyes sort of glow the same light green as before. It’s a stunning color palette all in one illustration.

What Does The Coming of Penguin Mean For Selina in CATWOMAN #8?

It’s obvious where this short story arc is taking us. Penguin seems to have business with Selina, what that business is, is unknown (just a note if you’re like me and aren’t reading BATMAN, Penguin’s arrival may be linked to their most recent encounter, hence the summary on the DC Comics website for CATWOMAN #7). What does Penguin want? Will Maggie remain safe during his visit? What about Raina? Where is she and what’s her next move against Selina? Could we see a collaboration between Penguin and Raina? All this and more may be answered in CATWOMAN #8.

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