CATWOMAN #5 by Joëlle Jones
Joëlle Jones does well in developing the characters and keeping the plot interesting all while creating stunning works of art throughtout the comic. Lauren Allred and Stanley "Artgerm" Lau both contribute their skills well to help create the perfect trio of comic artists.
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Solid Issue

DC and Joëlle Jones bring the heat to CATWOMAN #5. Our story takes a sinister turn, specifically with Raina Creel. A common connection lies between Raina’s actions and Selina protecting her sister. Jones, Laura Allred, and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, all continue to deliver stellar pieces of art that show Selina’s natural enticing and powerful prowess. Overall, CATWOMAN #5 is just a solid addition to the series.

Murder & Selina’s Depleted Patience in CATWOMAN #5

Previously in CATWOMAN #4, there was speculation that Raina was about to kill her husband, CATWOMAN #5 confirms that. Raina makes it look like her husband killed himself, but in reality, she uses a drug called narssistrine. Narssistrine tightens the skin in small doses, but in large doses it causes the user to attack themselves. With that said, Raina makes her husband’s death look like a suicide while crying her crocodile tears.

Now, the connection of Raina to Selina comes to light. Maggie (Selina’s sister from CATWOMAN #4), for some reason, is on narssistrine by Raina’s order. Why Maggie’s on the drug is unknown. Due to this information and her kidnapping, Selina loses patience for and goes from playing nice, to her villainous side. Gotta’ love our favorite anti-hero.

CATWOMAN #5 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

CATWOMAN #5 Raises So Many Questions

All of the new developments within the plot raise questions for CATWOMAN #6. The question of what Raina wants with Selina and why she has control over Maggie is the biggest question at the moment. What does Raina want with Selina? How do these women connect? For all we know, Selina is just visiting Villa Hermosa for personal reasons. The only reason I can think of is her visiting Maggie.

At some point we see Selina dreaming about Bruce Wayne, her betrothed. CATWOMAN is meant to be just about an individual journey for Selina, however, she doesn’t really talk or think about Bruce much up until this point. Did she dream about him because she misses him, or was it insignificant? I’m curious as to if her dream is foreshadowing. What if we end up seeing Bruce at some point? We’ll just have to see.

One more thing, why does Selina wait to lose her patience? Selina has many instances initiated by the Creel family and the Villa Hermosa Police Department, where they try and involve her in the matters of Villa Hermosa. She refuses every time. Selina had various opportunities to channel her villainous tendencies. Maybe she wasn’t bothered by her current situation until she realizes Raina Creel’s controlling her sister’s care in a bad way.

CATWOMAN #5 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertianment.

Stellar Art In CATWOMAN #5

Joëlle Jones, Laura Allred, and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, all with their combined efforts, create the dream team of artists. First, the main cover does well in portraying a symbol of the end of CATWOMAN #5. What I mean is if Selina does not act like herself, she cannot be free of her enemies. Her playing so nice all this time isn’t the genuine person she is. Selina is two-faced like that, but that’s why we love her.

Second, Jones has so many up close and intimate points of view on Selina. My favorite page of art is where Selina’s dreaming about her and Bruce in bed together. This is one of the most beautiful and intimate moments I’ve ever seen in any comic I’ve read so far. Lastly, Lau’s work on the variant cover remains consistently creative, alluring, and enticing. It’s hard not to love and appreciate the splendor he creates.

Besides the strong artistic imagery, there was one thing that I found a little strange about the scene where Raina’s husband was murdered. His blood was more black than a normal shade of red. Why color the blood black? Is that part of having narssistrine at an overdose in your system? This point could have been made more clear.

Awaiting A Showdown in CATWOMAN #6

As the end of CATWOMAN #5 says, a showdown is about to commence! Hopefully, that means Selina and Raina will finally meet face-to-face. Maybe we’ll find out what the initial connection between Selina and Raina is in the next issue. What about the outcome for Maggie, though? She did finally speak in this issue, but only to utter Selina’s name. What might that mean for her development in upcoming issues? Guess we just have to sit tight and find out.

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Stay tuned for CATWOMAN #6 coming to you on December 12th!

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