Selina Kyle has a lot on her plate — finding Batman’s killer, keeping the Calabreses in power while negotiating with other mob families, her alliance with Penguin — and the appearance of an old acquaintance makes things more complicated!

The majority of issue 42 follows Kyle around as Gotham as she meets with her “lieutenants,” her key players in different organizations to help strategize in the oncoming war against The Black Mask. It’s a delicate balance between appeasing the other mob bosses and working with Penguin, all while trying to keep her blackmailed P.I off the Calabrese’s back, as well as keeping the secret of Catwoman from Antonia Ward. However, Kyle isn’t the only Catwoman with tricks up her sleeve…

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The action in this issue isn’t just from Kyle’s quick joust with Spoiler; it’s in all the political power plays Kyle makes. Part of what makes Kyle such a good mob boss is her experience as a cunning, sometimes double-crossing, thief –she can plan ahead, play around with loyalties as needed, or completely disappear into the underground if the situation calls for it.

As far as hunting down Batman’s killer, there are a lot of questions floating around as to who is responsible and why. The addition of Spoiler in the mix could either muddle things up or help Kyle figure everything out. Only time will tell..

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