Raina’s Past and Selina’s Surprise in CATWOMAN #3

CATWOMAN #3 by DC is written by Joëlle Jones with art by Jones and Fernando Blanco, color by Laura Allred and John Kalisz, lettering Josh Reed, main cover by Jones and Allred, variant cover by, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. The comic brings us more information on Raina Creel’s past and continues the reveal of Selina Kyle’s villain who used multiple women to be copycats; impersonate Catwoman essentially.

Though Selina is our main character, we focus on Raina because a good amount of the story and the most important character development occurs with her. Of course, we talk about the art and a short bit of the plot as well.

A Look At Raina Creel In CATWOMAN #3

At the governor’s mansion, Raina and Edmond Creel, the governor, are arguing about him not telling her about his planned resignation due to dying of cancer. Edmond thinks it’s the right decision and wants to focus on the family. Fast forward to later that night. Edmond and Raina lay in bed together with Edmond, curious about Raina’s past, has her opening up about her previous husband who died young.

Mind you, Raina doesn’t tell the real story, but a mere fabrication. Raina was caught stealing from a charity event by her late husband’s wife at the time. Despite Raina stealing, Mrs. Johnson took her out of her living conditions and welcomed her into their home. Raina had been poisoning their children and had Mrs. Johnson framed by faking her own sickness. The result of this tragedy has Raina and Minister Johnson married.


CATWOMAN #3 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

One day while he was sitting in his armchair, Raina shot him in the back of the head. Why did she shoot him you might ask? She signed documents for his life insurance policy. Now, back to present day, you see why she married Edmond; he doubled her fortune. With that said, since Edmond is dying of cancer and plans to resign as governor she decides to kill him (from what we can assume).

A Real World Perspective

The writing Joëlle Jones does here with Raina is like watching a short film that could have gone in American Horror Story: Asylum. Raina might be driven to kill for fortune, but what does that say about her mental health?

She could very well be a patient in an asylum herself, or if judgment’s kind to her, she’d get prison time. The only thing missing in her backstory is how she faked her sickness and got away with murdering Minister Johnson

Richness In The Art Of CATWOMAN #3

Ooo the art is lovely in CATWOMAN #3. The main cover alone is deep, rich purple based and is a foreshadow of what’s to come in the comic. Joëlle Jones and Fernando Blanco draw Selina beautifully, in general. She’s elegant and graceful, as she should be. The greatest, most alluring color on Selina is her light green eyes.

Laura Allred and John Kalisz did a great job making her mesmerizing with her pale skin short, sleek black hair, and lean figure. Another point worth mentioning is how the Catwoman suit shines realistically as Selina moves. You can see how the light hits the latex in different angles. Very talented and carefully crafted work.

Selina as Catwoman

CATWOMAN #3 page 14. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I must mention page 14 of CATWOMAN #3. The blended, blue background is an interesting color for how dark the story is at the moment. While light blue is the main color instead, it leaves this reader wondering why that choice. Since the story is dark and twisted, why not use a darker shade or maybe a color that symbolizes lust? Like scarlet for instance.

CATWOMAN #3 Is A Score!

At the end of CATWOMAN #3, Selina gets into her Catwoman alias after getting stitches by Linda, Carlos’s aunt. Catwoman runs, jumps, and climbs her way into a hospital where we meet her SISTER? Whaaat. Surprise much? What part of the story does Selina’s sister have to play in the grand scheme of things? Why reveal her now?

Raina’s character reveal was deep, dark and twisted. It was nice to see how long she’d be such a corrupt and downright evil person. Will she get away with killing the governor?

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Stay tuned for CATWOMAN #4 coming next month!

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