Catwoman is always on the move. This time, she’s hunting down a dossier that details illegal activites of local gang, Villa Hermosa. However, is she the only one on the hunt?


Catwoman #15


Art by Mirka Andolfo

Written by Ram V

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Ram V and Mirka Andolfo take the helm of this arc of CATWOMAN, giving us a story that is investigative and intriguing. Catwoman has run into Gentlemen Ghost, some Yakuza hit woman, and masked bounty hunters, but something isn’t quite right. Maybe there’s something Catwoman is overlooking? Or, even worse, maybe someone is going to capitalize on the hit that’s out on her head.

Ram V is no stranger to Catwoman. His work on a one-shot story out earlier this year has proving his feline prowess for the character and her world. Topped with Mirka Andolfo’s beautiful art, and this arc has been one to take the cake! ComicsVerse was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview, which we’re happy to share with you!

All images are courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Catwoman #15 Variant Cover

Catwoman #15

Catwoman #15

Catwoman #15

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