CASTLE ROCK Season 2 is all about family, and there’s nothing quite like the mother-daughter relationship. This is especially true of the relationship between Annie and Joy Wilkes, played by Lizzie Caplan and Elsie Fisher, respectively.

Haven’t seen the new episodes yet? Don’t worry, the following is spoiler-free.

CASTLE ROCK Season 2 Has Big Shoes to Fill

Annie Wilkes just may be one of Stephen King’s most famous and iconic characters. Kathy Bates portrayed Wilkes in the film adaptation of MISERY, and she won an Academy Award for the performance in 1990. As anyone who has seen the first three episodes of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK Season 2 knows, Caplan is absolutely living up to that legacy. As she discusses in our interview, she studied Bates’ performance as well as the book to develop her version of Wilkes. It looks like her homework paid off, because her portrayal is stunning so far.

Fisher, on the other hand, has a brand new character to develop. Even so, the young performer is holding her own and shining whether she is beside Caplan or not. Playing Annie’s daughter is not an easy task, but Fisher clearly had a blast doing so. Their performances are a real highlight of the show so far.

In the interview below, the two women talked about their bonding experience, playing a mother and daughter, and how far people tend to go for those they love. How much are we willing to do, sacrifice, and endure? And what truly makes a person evil?

They also talk about the genre of horror and how layered they find it. There are simply things you can do in horror that you can’t do elsewhere, and these performers embrace that.

To find out what Caplan and Fisher had to say about their characters in CASTLE ROCK Season 2, check out the full interview above.

The first three episodes of CASTLE ROCK Season 2 are streaming on Hulu right now. You can also catch new episode every Wednesday.

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