CASTLE ROCK Co-Creator and Executive Producer Dustin Thomason has a lot on his plate this season. Adapting famous Stephen King stories was difficult the first time around, but could he and his team trap lightening in a bottle a second time?

Orchestrating the CASTLE ROCK Anthology

In Season 2, Thomason and team are tackling MISERY, SALEM’S LOT, and STAND BY ME, just to name the more obvious sources. As he told us, there is an abundance of Easter eggs and nods to King’s work throughout both seasons of the show.

In our conversation, Thomason also discusses balancing the supernatural with the more human horror or stories that something like MISERY portrays. Annie Wilkes coming in contact with something supernatural from SALEM’S LOT? What an interesting concept!

We also wondered how far ahead he plans out the seasons of CASTLE ROCK. He says there are ideas he has that he can’t always fit into the current season. Maybe those characters or stories deserve their own season. He also does not necessarily always want to do what’s expected. For example, the end of the first season teased a story based on THE SHINING. However, they seemingly not tackling that source material this time around.

Speaking of the first season, we also asked Thomason if he paid attention to the response to the end of that particular story. Does he consider that when developing this current season of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK? If you’d like to hear his approach, check out our chat with him at New York Comic-Con 2019 above. If you haven’t seen the beginning of the new season yet, don’t worry; the interview is spoiler-free.

The first three episodes of CASTLE ROCK Season 2 are now streaming on Hulu. You can catch new episodes every Wednesday.

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