Carl Weathers NYCC 2017

ComicsVerse’s Chris Massari interviewed the legendary Carl Weathers about Explosion Jones and El Rey Network at New York Comic Con 2017!

ComicsVerse: ComicsVerse Live from New York Comicon 2017 with the legendary Carl Weathers. You don’t feel like you’re legendary?

Carl Weathers: When I hear that word, it’s just like, wait a minute. Okay.

ComicsVerse: We’re here Explosion Jones, ROA Network, your character is Duke Firestorm, correct?

Carl Weathers: Firestorm.

ComicsVerse: Now, who is he and how is he involved in Explosion Jones?

Carl Weathers: Well, he’s that guy. And that guy is a tough guy. That guy has been around Explosion Jones from the beginning.

ComicsVerse: I can see an uncanny resemblance.

Carl Weathers: I see the uncanny … it’s the mustache. Man, it’s all in the mustache. There happens to be among men this competition, this competitive nature that goes on, and of course, Duke Firestorm would never let Explosion Jones get the best of him.

ComicsVerse: That makes sense.

Carl Weathers: He’s not going to get the best of me. So, if there’s anything that goes down, which he feels just the slightest bit like, how dare you? He’d rip Explosion’s arm out of its socket and beat him over the head with it in a heartbeat. That’s the kind of guy Duke Firestorm is.

ComicsVerse:  Now can we actually look forward to someone’s arm being ripped out and beat over the head?

Carl Weathers: I’m telling you there will be so many arms ripped out and beaten over … and people being beaten over the head with them. And then you know, you stick them back on if you can before they bleed out. So that’s the kind of guy that Duke Firestorm is.

ComicsVerse: Now what brought you onto this project and got you interested?

Carl Weathers: Michael asked me. He said, “I’ve got this project I’m doing.” In his voice, of course, I’ve got this project I’m doing and I think you’d be great in it. What could I say but “Yeah, man.” And he actually came through.

ComicsVerse: Now you’ve only seen one episode so far. What can the audience look forward to, to that episode? It’s available now. Why should they watch it? What is he, besides the action?

Carl Weathers: Lots of laughs. It really does. It is a throwback to 80’s movies. Over the top, of closure, in animation. Great animation by the way. And it’s got that Grindhouse feel, you know. From El Ray, I think you know it’s going to be entertaining, you know it’s going to be good. And Robert Rodriguez has put his stamp on it as executive producer, so … if you haven’t seen El Ray, something’s wrong with you.

ComicsVerse: Explosion Jones.

Carl Weathers: This is the deal.

ComicsVerse: I’d like to thank Carl and the El Rey Network for our time here. You can find Comics Verse all over the web. Look at We’re signing out. Thank you again, Carl.

Carl Weathers: My pleasure, man. Thank you.

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