DEATH OR GLORY #1 by Rick Remender and Bengal
DEATH OR GLORY #1 has a gripping plot, and strong characters. The art is very vintage looking. The coloring adds to the excitement of the comic. A must read!
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Readers often go to comic books looking for a lot of different things. I know when I read a comic, I want strong characters, twisting plots, and eye catching art. DEATH OR GLORY brings all of these things qualities to the table, and more. From writer Rick Remender and artist Bengal, DEATH OR GLORY #1 has a lot to offer readers when it comes out on May 2nd.

Starting Up

DEATH OR GLORY is about a woman trying to fight against a messed up world to do right by someone she loves. With things like a gruesome murder committed with liquid nitrogen, Glory lives in a tough world that just keeps getting tougher.

Red, the man who raised her, is in desperate need of a new liver. The people in her community have helped him as much as they can. They know Red’s needs and have tried to raise money for him. Unfortunately, their efforts aren’t enough. With nothing left to do and nowhere else to turn, Glory decides to take matters into her own hands.

Glory’s ex-husband, a high ranking and wealthy drug dealer, has a deal ready to go that involves a large amount of money. Glory creates a plan, and it includes her ex-husband’s deal. She leaves a tape recording with a friend that explains what she did and why. She instructs the friend not to listen to it before a certain time. Then Glory leaves to do what she needs to, but things don’t go as planned. With Glory left in a life or death situation, the plot gets complicated in DEATH OR GLORY #1.

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Getting in Gear

Rick Remender gives readers a unique and gripping story. The plot is highly original and is full of twists and turns. Little details of the writing really make the story entertaining for readers. The characterization has us becoming attached to Glory in a clear and effective way.

Readers see the unique, twisting plot straight from the start. As employees start closing up a fast food restaurant, a man comes in with a strange order. It isn’t often you see someone come into a burger joint to order 123 hamburgers. A customer tries to convince the man to just leave, but he insists that his order is filled. Then, the man pulls out a hose-like device and sprays everyone with liquid nitrogen. Remender uses this unexpected turn of events to draw the reader into the story. Readers probably knew something was going to happen, but I doubt they could predict something like this. It makes readers want to see what other surprising twists and turns DEATH OR GLORY #1 will take.

Image courtesy of Image Comics

Remender also creates a very believable and strong protagonist. Glory says that it’s her turn to take care of Red, and she plans to follow a highly illegal path to save him. We see her strength best when she is preparing to carry out her plot. Remender also uses this scene to make her realistic to readers. She points her gun at her reflection in the mirror, then she vomits somewhat violently. We can assume it’s because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she isn’t ready for that. She goes through with her plan anyway, giving readers the chance to see her strong will at work. She has enough strength to do what she needs to do, however, her actions will not come easily.

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Excitement and Vintage Style

Bengal presents a beautiful comic for readers to enjoy. It has character designs that use vintage styles in very effective ways. Glory is one of the best representation of these vintage designs. Additionally, the coloring is extremely vibrant. This creates a thrilling mood for the comic. This atmospheric effect is reflected in the writing of the comic but is enhanced by Bengal’s art.

Image courtesy of Image Comics

Glory’s vintage design is noticeable in everything about her. From her pinned up hair to her jumpsuit, her style presents itself very obviously. Firstly, her hair is pinned up with a red scarf tied around her head. This style can be seen in tons of classic imagery from the 40’s and 50’s. The most notable example of this hairstyle is Rosie the Riveter. Additionally, Glory’s jumpsuit appears somewhat similar to a 1960’s vision of the future, as seen in VALERIAN AND LAURELINE. This similarity lies in how the outlined sections on Laureline’s spacesuit somewhat resemble the sections, separated by color, on Glory’s jumpsuit. The vintage quality of Glory’s appearance makes her visually appealing while establishing the look of her world.

The writing has us either directly in the action or gearing up for action throughout the entire comic, and Bengal’s vibrant palette reflects this. From the very first scene, readers can see bright reds, yellows, and blues race across each panel. This coloring brings the reader to the page. Then it keeps the reader moving from panel to panel because the vibrant colors fight for attention. This movement of the eye keeps the reader excited and on edge. With one visually action-packed event after another, it’s near impossible to not feel the excitement. This comes from the constant need to see more and the desire to find out what happens next


End of the Line in DEATH OR GLORY #1

DEATH OR GLORY #1 is the start of what looks like an amazing series. The plot is gripping with realistic characters to boot. Additionally, the art presents a vintage style with colors that excite the readers. All of the formal qualities make this comic engaging and beautiful. I have to say, I started reading this comic with high expectations and it surpassed what I had hoped. The strength of Glory makes her real, but her strength in this situation makes her actions quite touching. Then, the art’s vibrant palette and vintage design made me feel like I was looking at something from the fifties or sixties, only far more stylized. DEATH OR GLORY #1 is undoubtedly a strong comic that anyone should read.

Pick up your copy of DEATH OR GLORY #1 on May 2nd! Keep up with the latest from Rick Remender or Bengal on twitter!

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