Captain Marvel trailer 2

CAPTAIN MARVEL holds no punches in the release of the second theatrical trailer for the upcoming Marvel film. Want to watch it? Look no further! Check out the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer 2 right here!


Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, looks badass in the new CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer 2 from Marvel Studios! Honestly, what more do you even need? Fortunately, Marvel gave us even more than we ever thought to ask for.

More glimpses of Jude Law’s character! Annette Benning as a benevolent power gifter! More fights with the old lady! More young Samuel L. Jackson as Nicky Fury! Badass shots of Carol in her suit!

“I’m not going to fight your war, I’m going to end it.”

Best of all, we have even more of an idea of what the movie will be about. If you’re a Marvel Comics reader, you’re probably aware of the issues between the Krees and the Skrulls. But for everyone else, and some comic readers like myself, having Carol explain to Nick a bit of what’s going on in the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer 2 is extremely helpful. Plus, it amps up excitement even more!

Also, Carol’s past! Carol’s present! How did Fury find her? Why doesn’t she remember anything? Not to mention, whoever thought to have Fury freaking out over a cat is a genius. I’m definitely going to have that on replay.

The Captain Marvel Dilemma

Marvel Studios appears to have conquered the “Captain Marvel quagmire.” In Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers, then known as Ms. Marvel, had a convoluted character arc, to say the least. For at least a decade, people knew today’s Captain Marvel from AVENGERS ANNUAL #10. Future X-Men character Rogue absorbs all of Captain Marvel’s memories and powers.

In the 2000s, Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel saw a renaissance. However, it wasn’t until Kamala Khan took the moniker of Ms. Marvel and Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel did the character rise to a level of prominence similar to Tomy Stark and Steve Rodgers.

Fans of the comic book version of the character appear thrilled with the movie’s storyline and origin story for the character, especially after the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer 2 drop! Many hope with the success of the Captain Marvel movie, a new era of prominence for the character will usher in, and Captain Marvel will take her rightful place as the flagship hero of the Marvel Universe.

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