Captain Marvel is gay as hell. Okay, so it hasn’t been officially stated that she’s queer but do we need it to be stated? Not at all. For decades the LGBTQIA+ community has had to read between the lines in movies with nothing but heterosexual characters and story lines. It makes sense that we would pick up on the little gay crumbs of evidence that this movie was leaving for us to follow. Marvel did confirm that they are ready for a gay superhero but all lips are sealed about Captain Marvel being the one. Although it’s not written in ink, we can read between the lines. If you’re confused about the thought of Captain Marvel being anything less than a queer icon, allow me to be your fairy godmother. I can show you the world. All you need to do is keep reading.

The Bisexual Haircut

Image: Deskgram

Breadcrumb number one: the bisexual haircut. The characters pictured above bear a striking resemblance to Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. They all share the same long bob that ends at the height of their shoulders. Hair is a form of expression for humans. The bisexual bob is an example of this. Hair can be a permanent statement by it’s ever growing state but can be versatile in the styling of it. A lot of popular fictitious characters that are bisexual, sport the same look. Casey Gardner from Atypical, Ellaria Sand from Game of Thrones, and Ilana Wexler from Broad City to name a few.

Captain Marvel
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As pictured above, Captain Marvel has the signature tresses of a woman who swings both ways. Welcome to the club, sis.

Over the years, people have stereotyped others for how they dress, what kind of music they listen to, and of course how they style their hair. Of course, stereotypes should not be taken literally but, stereotypes always have a bit of truth to them. LGBTQ people throw heterosexual ‘norms’ in the trash, along with gender roles and the idea that women have to have long hair and that men have to have short hair. The bi bob is an example of a popular hairstyle that represents individuality, acceptance, and strength.

Captain Marvel & Maria Rambeau 4 Ever

Captain Marvel’s bisexual bob doesn’t surprise us. There’s enough tension between her and Maria Rambeau to give us our second breadcrumb. Or really more like a full loaf. Maria and Carol were pilots in the United States Air Force and developed a close relationship there. In the film, when Carol visits Maria, she has no recollection of their history. Maria expresses her feelings for Carol in a monologue that restores our faith in love.

“You are Carol Danvers. You are that woman on the Black Box risking her life to do the right thing. My best friend, who supported me as a mother and a pilot when no one else did. You are smart, and funny, and a huge pain in the ass, and you were the most powerful person I knew. Way before you could shoot fire from your fists. You hear me? Do you hear me?”

—Maria Rambeau

When her memory is unlocked, Carol has flashbacks of her old life and Maria was a huge part of it. There aren’t a lot of moments where Carol expresses pure joy but in the flashbacks where she is with Maria, Danvers’ face is completely lit up. She looks more happy with Maria than in any other part of the movie. Finally, a gay romance that will thaw our ice-cold hearts.

The Chosen Family

When Carol Danvers regained her memories, she gained a friend and a family. Maria Rambeau has an adorable and fearless little girl, Monica. Carol is Monica’s godmother. This family seems to be tho only relatives that Carol has.

Captain Marvel
Image: Marvelcinematicuniverse

Throughout the movie, we see flashes of memories that involve Danvers’ biological family. These memories leave us with less than positive feelings for her blood relatives (father and brother). Maybe that’s why she isn’t close to them in the film. In the film, Carol only bothers to visit Maria and her daughter Monica. Carol chose to surround herself with supportive and loving people.

The same thing happens to LGBTQIA+ youth who come out and face rejection. It takes a village to raise a child and that village needs to be a good environment. We may not know what exactly happened to sever the ties of Danvers from her father and brother, but what we do know is who she chose to spend her life with. Danvers chosen family parallels the chosen families that LGBTQIA+ youth need in order to survive.

Lack of Male Love Interest

Captain Marvel had no male love interest. Would the movie be better with a male love interest? Does she need one? Would a male love interest add anything to the storyline? Girl, please.

Image: Giphy

It’s a myth that women need men to complete their lives and that’s a concept the rest of Hollywood should learn to grasp. Looking at you, romantic comedies! When Carol has flashbacks of her past, we see important events that shaped her into the person she was before she left her home. In all of those flashbacks there was never a kiss, a hand hold, or even a touch from a man. It’s proof she doesn’t have any romantic memories with a man. Captain Marvel didn’t need a male love interest because there already was a love story. Just because it wasn’t between a man and a woman doesn’t make it any less valid. The love between Maria and Carol is enough of a romantic storyline. To put it frankly, Captain Marvel don’t need no man.

Thanks for Coming to my TED Talk

Captain Marvel: still gay as hell. We love everything about her from her Bi haircut to her chosen family and that there’s no male love interest. The romantic aspect of the film lies not within a man but another woman, Maria. It’s always a little bit like playing detective when we see queer undertones in a mainstream film, even if they are there unintentionally. While Captain Marvel isn’t supposed to be a film with a queer protagonist, we all know what’s really going on. What really matters is the bit of ourselves we get to see on screen so that we feel less alone and more understood.

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