We all need a little help sometimes, whether it reassurance that we can achieve, or firm push to get us motivated. Luckily, the Fab Five are back and serving self-help realness (and a little tough love)! I’m excited, you’re excited – or, at least, you should be!

Netflix’s QUEER EYE Season 2 has arrived with more diversity, more love, more tears, and more lessons on how to be our best selves. As Jonathan Van Ness quickly says, “like, we’re gonna have so much fun!” Don’t believe me? Read this list of Jonathan’s other delightful one-liners and see if you’re not ready for the fun.

Jonathan Van Ness. Image from Netflix’s QUEER EYE.

As the show’s tagline suggests, QUEER EYE is “more than a makeover.” While Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski take on the challenge of reinvigorating the lives of lucky residents of Georgia, the changes are far from superficial. Moreover, the lessons they teach reach family members, neighbors, and their adoring audiences. Season 1 rebooted the 2003 Bravo series QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY, staying (mostly) true to the format of the original show. Season 2 breaks from tradition, making sure that QUEER EYE is for everyone, emphasizing diversity and rejecting toxic masculinity.

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QUEER EYE for Everyone

Last season, QUEER EYE made it clear that the show was not just “for the straight guy.” Not only did they makeover AJ, helping him embrace being openly gay, the Fab Five seemed to invite everyone into their work. Indeed, the men boldly go where few gay men willingly go: into the hearts and homes of conservative Georgia. Instead of confirming the political binary, QUEER EYE proves that by reaching out with open minds, change is possible.

This season they did even better. The makeover show emphasized acceptance of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Their first episode, “God Bless Gay,” takes the Fab Five to Gay, Georgia to work with Tammye, the show’s first featured woman. Tammye and the Fab Five are a match made in heaven.

Indeed, Tammye is a central figure in her church and welcomes the Fab Five warmly into her congregation just as they shower her with love and affection. Moreover, she helps create a dialogue to discuss making religious spaces more inclusive to LGBTQ+ people. Adopting all of the Fab Five into her life whole-heartedly, Tammye is a delight of love and warmth. The result is healing, and the loving energy travels through the whole season.

Jonathan Van Ness and Tammye.

As the season progresses, the Fab Five bring their love to each new person as they navigate the best way to help. Some, like Tammye, need to be given a chance to care for themselves. Others, like Arian, need a little push to start taking responsibility. Watching the Fab Five work is remarkable. They naturally recognize what each person needs to become their most authentic selves, and viewers feel the love throughout the show.

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Challenging Toxic Masculinity

In the first season, the Fab Five seemed cautious to not stray too far from what was considered “still masculine.” However, as a result of their willingness to embrace each challenge together, the Fab Five have come to model a confident new type of masculinity. Indeed, the men own their identities; they are not afraid of femininity, and they are open with their emotions.

Importantly, they challenge the cultural pressure on men to keep their emotions hidden. Right alongside clients and audiences, the Fab Five regularly cry during their work on the show. And even when they experience roadblocks, such as Bobby’s hesitation at going to Tammye’s church, the men are honest and kind.

Karamo Brown, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Porowski.

The Fab Five open their hearts to everyone. Additionally, the team is clearly very close with each other. The men demonstrate caring and intimate friendships between men, and they help others form similar friendships. For example, this season the Fab Five help Leo befriend the other dads at his children’s school. As Tan acknowledges, men experience body issues just like women. Importantly, the Fab Five help Leo see that he can find confidence in his body and in his friendships.

Season 2 also takes strides by including a trans man, Skyler, in the show. Tan in particular strives to overcome his own ignorance by educating himself and talking openly with Skyler about masculinity and identity. It is important to see Tan’s willingness to learn from Skyler. As a result, Tan models ways to respectfully and safely ask questions about trans people’s identities and experiences. Including Skyler’s makeover on the show helps audiences see that trans men are men, and they deserve the same respect and love as everyone else.

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“More Than A Makeover”: Be Your Best Self

Season 2 showcases the ways the Fab Five help their clients be their best selves. The men meet each person at that person’s level. Season 2 features a diverse group, from a cancer survivor to a teenager to a city mayor. Each of them have radically different experiences and backgrounds. And while the purpose of the show is to appear to effortlessly change a person’s entire life, the Fab Five are not afraid to go deep. Nevertheless, they refuse to focus on the negatives. Karamo leads the Fab Five’s effort to build confidence and help their clients live authentically. And who wouldn’t believe it when Karamo tells you you can do it?

Karamo Brown.

The Fab Five are ultimately there to help their clients show up for themselves and their communities. But with Jonathan’s joyful care, Tan’s insistence that fashion can be accessible, Bobby’s hard work to make spaces functional and beautiful, Karamo’s tireless words of wisdom, and Antoni’s passion for avocados (and bringing people together with food!), the Fab Five seem as though they are all of our friends. They’re here, queer, and want to share their love and knowledge. The Fab Five are teaching their audiences how to be kind again, and they’re funny as hell.

Indeed, the show is charming, sweet, and full of hilarious antics. With a plethora of memes from both seasons, plus catch phrases like “Can you believe!?” the show embodies the power of living your truth as queer people, and as people who do not identify as LGBTQ+. QUEER EYE helps us all realize that we have the potential to be our best selves.

The Fab Five.

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