20th Century Fox recently uploaded a DEADPOOL 2 teaser, which introduces us to a new character: Cable. And even though he and Deadpool are bound to butt heads, Cable isn’t the ‘villain’ in the film. He just means business! So, with May 18th around the corner, what exactly should we know about Cable?

Baby Cable

Cable comes from a slightly rough upbringing. His ability to time travel even plagues him with having more than one childhood (more on this later). So while we adore Wade Wilson being such a crude jokester, it’s important to know that Cable does not share that same sense of humor. Cable’s troubled past all begins with a geneticist named Mr. Sinister.

Mr. Sinister realizes that a baby conceived by Jean Grey and Scott Summers would be an all-powerful mutant, and he plans to use this potential baby to defeat his enemy, Apocalypse. The only problem? Jean Grey is in a healing cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay.

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

To fix this, Mr. Sinister makes a clone of Jean Grey, whom he names Madelyn Pryor. Madelyn and Scott fall in love (due to Madelyn’s similarities to Jean) and conceive Nathan Summers (aka, future Cable). However, Scott abandons Madelyn and Nathan once he learns that Jean is still alive. It’s at this point that Mr. Sinister captures baby Nathan. Apocalypse learns of Mr. Sinister’s plan, so he kidnaps Nathan and infects him with a deadly techno-organic virus.

Scott and the X-Factor members rescue Nathan from Apocalypse, but Scott ultimately gives Nathan to Mother Askani to care for, with hopes that she’ll be able to cure his virus.

Staying In The Loop: Deadpool 2

From Nathan to Cable

Mother Aksani raises Nathan in her world, which takes place in the “future.” He’s able to access past, present and future timelines. It’s not until Nathan travels to the past and meets Moira MacTaggart that he learns English telepathically and officially calls himself, “Cable.”

Keep in mind, though, that Cable remains infected with the techno-organic virus. Over time, the virus turns him into a cyborg – thus giving him a cybernetic arm and eye. Cable’s arm gives him increased strength, and his eye allows him to view deep electromagnetic spectrum waves. It’s interesting to note that the techno-organic virus combined with his telekinesis also gives him the ability to repair bodily damage (given that it’s not too much damage).

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Cable goes on many missions, his seemingly last being when he sacrifices himself in order to defeat an enemy, Skornn. It turns out that Cable doesn’t actually die, but his existence scatters across multiple realities. Deadpool and Siryn (an X-Force member) collect his life parts, reassembling Cable into infant form.

Cable begins aging extremely fast. He eventually uses up all of his powers in order to cure Deadpool’s brain damage. He is rendered powerless as a result, but his abilities return once Cable fully re-ages.

Cable & Deadpool, the Series

From 2004-2008, Cable & Deadpool ran as a standalone comic book series. Consisting of fifty issues, the series explores Nathan Summers and Wade Wilson’s quarrelsome relationship as they partner up to defeat various enemies. In the first six issues, the two men become infected with the same virus. The only way to get rid of the virus is to mix DNA with one another. Cable and Deadpool gain the ability to teleport, but only at the cost of bringing each other along whenever they do so. The series involved a fair amount of humor.

cable & Deadpool
An issue from the Cable & Deadpool comic book series.

The Cable & Deadpool series was so good, in fact, that it created new solo series for both superheroes. They became what Marvel refers to as the “Odd Couple of the Marvel Universe,” even becoming ranked as one of the greatest buddy teams of all time on Marvel’s website. So even though the trailer for DEADPOOL 2 portrays Cable to be a villain, he really isn’t. It’s just that he and Deadpool are opposite in personality. Historically, they end up coming together for a common goal, which we are bound to see happen in the film.

Josh Brolin, the Actor

Does he look familiar to you, Marvel fan? He should, considering we know him in the MCU as Thanos, the main villain in the upcoming INFINITY WAR. Outside of comic book movies, though, he’s mostly known for action and drama movies. That’s why it makes perfect sense that he gets to, “[blow] shit up,” as Wade so graciously puts it, in DEADPOOL 2. However, despite all the hardship from his childhood, Brolin says in an interview with Good Morning America that, “Cable can be very funny.” Is it possible that Cable lets his guard down in DEADPOOL 2 to deliver some one-liners?

Courtesy of Ryan Reynolds via Instagram

Maybe. But one thing is for sure, it would be hard to beat Ryan Reynolds to a punch line. Reynolds took to Instagram to wish Brolin a happy birthday, mocking him for his role as Brad in THE GOONIES. It’s impossible to think that Reynolds would have anything but good chemistry with other actors/actresses, but at least we have proof that these two will gladly riff off each other in the film come May.

DEADPOOL 2 Possibilities

Since he has so many timelines to choose from (plot-wise), it’s near impossible to guess what DEADPOOL 2 could have in store for us. The internet seems to assume that Cable travels back in time to assassinate a specific mutant, but who that mutant is, remains unclear. Additionally, he has an incredibly dense backstory. DEADPOOL 2 will obviously have to pick and choose which details they include. That’s okay though because, in exchange, we can expect sarcastic comments from Deadpool about how confusing the franchise is.

New DEADPOOL 2 Teaser Keeps Pants Dry and Dreams Wet

All in all, Cable is shaping up to be a likable character. He’ll be a challenge for Deadpool physically. On top of his telekinesis and telepathy, Cable has super-speed, is well trained in combat, and has high intelligence. So be ready for DEADPOOL 2 to bring plenty of action to the table.

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