CABLE #2 by James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco
CABLE #2 is a promising continuation of a long overdue showcase series for one of the most underappreciated X-Men on the team. From start to finish, CABLE #2 brings you on an adventure that you truly wish would never end.
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Classic Cable

CABLE #2 takes place in the Hida Province of Japan in 1543. In the first issue, Cable picks up on a threat within the time-stream, and his mission is to protect the timeline and history as we know it from unraveling. Cable’s purpose in this issue is simple: he’s following what little trail he has in order to help preserve the timeline. From start to finish, CABLE #2 is a wonderful read with a ton of great action and dialogue. Between the writing and artwork, this is definitely a series with a lot of potential going forward.

cable #2
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Writer James Robinson does a wonderful job of telling a new story of an old but beloved X-Men character and shows just why he’s a perfect fit for this series. Right from the start, we see a classic, gritty Cable involved in a melee with several Japanese warriors. Cable comes out on top, but not without him reminding the reader that he’s not there to fight them. We can sense Cable’s urgency here as he seems hell bent on completing his mission, which James Robinson succeeds in conveying across the pages of CABLE #2. In addition, one can certainly assume that there is a greater power keeping Cable from completing his mission. Is it someone known to the X-Men Universe, or maybe even the often forgotten evil incarnation of Bishop? It’s definitely an interesting plot-line to pay attention to going forward.

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Throughout this issue, we see Cable trying his best to blend into the background of the world around him. Cable is clearly not from the 15th century as anyone in this issue could gather after a brief encounter. By the issue’s end, it’s obvious Cable has stopped trying to fit in with the world around him. He has a mission to complete, and that’s all he is there for.

However, CABLE isn’t going to break any new ground with a time traveling plot. It certainly won’t be changing the landscape of comics by placing its main hero in strange but deadly situations while he tries to save the world. This story is formulaic in some ways, but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing here. This series is definitely a nice change of pace from the darker X-MEN storylines we’ve seen in the past. I’m enjoying the slow build up to what will surely be an epic showdown between Cable and whomever he is looking for.

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Artist Carlos Pacheco and colorists Jesus Aburtov and Federico Blee are in top form this issue. Shadowing and dark lines give the artwork a detailed look that allows the action and characters to stand out. This team of artists gives CABLE #2 a natural and almost retro feeling. The abundance of vivid colors used throughout CABLE #2 hearkens back to just how wild and colorful the X-MEN comics of the 80s and 90s were. The 1990’s were the true age of the X-Men in terms of pop-culture, and there is a lot of history that this art team pulls from.

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CABLE #2: Final Thoughts

While I would have liked to see a bigger reveal at the end, CABLE #2 is a great follow-up to the debut issue. I’m hoping to see more of the reasoning behind Cable’s travels unravel over the next few issues. He’s clearly afraid of someone in the universe that’s tampering with the past, present, and future as he knows it. Who’s better to take on this enemy than Cable? Overall, CABLE #2 is a solid continuation, and this series is shaping up to be an excellent addition to the ResurrXion library.

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