Todd Black was the first person to approach us at C2E2. We were all at the con wearing our ComicsVerse t-shirts, and he approached us and asked to talk with us about his new comic he’s put out. It was super cool to run into a fan of the site, and even cooler to know that some of our fans are in the business of making their own comics! (Also if you see us at a convention and are a fan of our podcasts or articles, please do approach us and tell us. Convention work is exhausting and it’s rewarding and really makes our day when you tell us how much you like our work).

Todd Black is a storyteller by trade who recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago. He is the writer and creator of the indie series GUARDIANS. GUARDIANS is about two superheroes, Element and Chaos, who were created to protect the futuristic Delta City. The book focuses on the heroes searching for more purpose in their life.

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Once they’re done saving the city, the citizens’ lives return to normal. In these peaceful times, Element wonders about the lives of the people in Delta City and wants to interact with them. Chaos on the other hand believes that they must solely protect the city and focus all their efforts on doing so. Black explained that the book is his take on the superhero genre he grew up loving so much.  The comic explores these themes of searching for purpose and identity, as well as showing some great action scenes and conflicts with super villains that challenge the heroes on a mental and physical level. The book has been funded via Kickstarter and Patreon, and is currently clocking in at fourteen issues. I talked with Black at his booth about his new work and creative process.


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