My interview with Skottie Young was easily my favorite my interview I did at C2E2. He has become known for his unique take on Marvel covers, famously drawing iconic Marvel characters as babies. To date, he’s drawn DEADPOOL, DAREDEVIL, SPIDER-MAN, BLACK WIDOW, THE HULK, ANT-MAN, WOLVERINE, and many more.

His art in the comic adaptation of THE WIZARD OF OZ has received critical acclaim as well as two Eisner awards–Best Limited Series. It also won Best Publication for Kids. His art may look childish, but he’s had no problem reaching readers of all ages. Young has worked on a run of ROCKET RACCOON for Marvel, and has been continuing his adventures with Groot in ROCKET RACCOON AND GROOT. The things he’s able to do with Marvel characters amaze me. I love how he can turn even the most menacing characters into cutesy caricatures, like when he the Punisher’s weapons with dart guns.

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Those variant covers are all great, but where he really made his mark in my opinion was in I HATE FAIRYLAND with Image. The book focuses on a young girl named Gertrude who is transported into a magical world full of gumdrops and rainbows. She quickly becomes sick of it and begins to slaughter her way out. Young describes the book as a Deadpool/Alice in Wonderland mashup. It was exciting talking about how he balances the sickening optimism of the setting with Tarantino-esque blood and gore.

Admittedly it was the most awkward interview in terms of positioning. There wasn’t much space behind the table so I had to take a knee for the whole thing. Kristine did a great job making it less awkward by tweeting a picture of our setup for the interview and joked that I was proposing to him. My knee was in pain after about two minutes of supporting my whole weight on the concrete convention floor, but I smiled through it. I was biting the inside of my cheek when I wasn’t asking questions to distract myself from the pain.

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All things considered, it went great. Skottie Young is one of my favorite people in the comics business today and he was such a genuine and funny guy to talk with. I talked with him about his current work, methods, and what his kids think of his baby-fied Marvel superheroes.


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