Ramón Pérez is the artist behind Marvel’s series, ALL-NEW HAWKEYE, with writer Jeff Lemire. He’s also worked with Dan Slott when he did art for SPIDER-MAN. He became known for his graphic novel adaptation of Jim Henson’s TALE OF SAND. Back in 2011 he wrote KUKUBURI, an online comic, through his website. He’s updated it every week with new two pages. The comic is about a girl named Nadia who finds herself in a magical world called the InBetween and her attempts to find her place within it. He said that the real challenge with that is keeping reader’s attention. It’s easier in a whole comic because you can have everything build up to the cliffhanger at the end to bring them back for next time. But with writing two pages of the comic per week, Pérez had to do that same amount of work in a much shorter span.

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In addition to ALL-NEW HAWKEYE, he is currently working on ROCHESTER, a modern-day interpretation of Jayne Eyre for Archaia Entertainment. He is also in the midst of developing his own creator-owned endeavors, included KUKUBURI and BUTTERNUTSQUASH, which is based on Pérez’s friendship with co-creator Rob Coughler. Comics are just the tip of the iceberg for Pérez. He’s worked for editorial, book, and advertising illustration, storyboarding, graphic design, and concept design. In our interview, he explained why he refers to himself as a cartoonist as opposed to a comics artist. He claims that the word is more specific than “comics artist” and calls back to a rich artistic history. It applies better to his work. The facial expressions he draws on characters are unforgettable. They truly live and breath in the pages, and it reminds me why I love comics so much. I sat down with Pérez at his booth to talk about his process and favorite characters to draw.

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