Kyle Puttkammer

Our interview with Kyle Puttkammer and Tracy Yardley was one of the surprise treats of C2E2 for the ComicsVerse team. Puttkammer introduced himself to us, and we headed over to the booth he split with Yardley. The chance encounter became an impromptu interview about their current projects and creative processes, the first off-the-cuff interview our troupe conducted at the convention. But what’s the fun in always having a plan?

Puttkammer and Yardley have worked together recently on the new series GALAXY MAN, which focuses on an astronomer named Stanley Quest whose wife, Amelia, is lost in space. Stanley then gets superpowers when a meteor strikes his observatory, and he searches the solar system for Amelia with his newfound and mysterious young sidekick, Cosmic Girl. The duo also fights crime in Stellar City and all throughout the universe.

Puttkammer is also the writer behind the all-ages series HERO CATS. With characters billed as the “cutest heroes on the planet,” the series focuses on the titular cats with superpowers. Puttkammer doesn’t fall into many tropes of animal-themed fiction. He refuses, for instance, to have the titular kitties face off against dog villains. The book is perfect for young readers who want to get into comics. He also owns two comic stores, which helps him to create a new and exciting comics by keeping an eye on trends in the comics industry.

Yardley, meanwhile, is the artist behind SONIC THE HEDGEHOG for Archie Comics. He has worked on the series since 2005 as well as several offshoots of the series, including SONIC X and SONIC UNIVERSE.


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