Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

Charles Soule Biography

Charles Soule has made a splash in the comics world with his work on the new run of DAREDEVIL. He currently practices law in New York City, focusing mainly on immigration and corporate law. His career as a lawyer has helped contribute to the success he’s had taking on the dark twists and turns of Matt Murdock’s new career as a prosecutor. One can particularly see his knowledge of immigration law in the story when the main villain of the first arc, Tenfingers, forces Chinese immigrants into slums for his own personal profit.

Starting in January of last year, he has been writing POE DAMERON in collaboration with Phil Noto. His other Star Wars-related works include his writing for LANDO, and OBI-WAN & ANAKIN. My personal favorite of his works has been DEATH OF WOLVERINE, the event that still has longtime WOLVERINE fans like myself all shook up.

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

He’s recently begun collaborating with artist Ryan Browne for their creator-owned work with Image, CURSE WORDS. The book focuses on a wizard who has appeared in New York City who begins casting spells. People start getting rich and famous as a result, but everything is not as it seems—the wizard turns out to be an evil wizard intent on bringing evil things into the world. The book has been described as a “gonzo modern fantasy, full of darkness, light, and magic.

Ryan Browne is the artist and writer behind the Image book GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS. The book has been described as a “farcical cult-sensation” in which a group of amateur astronauts must be stopped by the best NASA has to offer — A man with a ghost-cow head, a Chicago police officer with robot arms, and of course, a bunch of magic bears. Comicsverse’s own Mark Hassenfratz talked to Charles Soule and Ryan Browne about their collaboration and work.

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