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Brian Stelfreeze Biography

Brian Stelfreeze is the artist for the current run of BLACK PANTHER with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. The series has received mass critical acclaim thus far and is a fan favorite. Stelfreeze has worked in comics since the mid-eighties with his work on the sci-fi miniseries CYCOPS. He has been known primarily as a cover artist in the comics community, painting covers for SHADOW OF THE BAT.

He’s also done some sequential work lately on Marvel’s DOMINO miniseries. He’s worked on MATADOR with the DC imprint Wildstorm as well. He currently serves as the art director for 12 Gauge Comics and from time to time contributes artwork to their series THE RIDE along with its prequel, GUN CANDY. His coloring work has been featured in ACTION COMICS and WEDNESDAY COMICS. He’s been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story, a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book, and most recently, an Eisner. He was easily one of the friendliest creators we talked with at C2E2 2017 and was excited to talk about his work on BLACK PANTHER.

Brian Stelfreeze Interview

I spoke with Stelfreeze at C2E2 2017 about his work on this new iteration of BLACK PANTHER, his collaboration with Coates, and his vision of Wakanda. I’ve always found it interesting that Wakanda is a fictional country in the Marvel universe, which mainly takes place in the real world. He mentioned that he was trying to blend in multiple geographic elements from various countries in Africa to create the country of Wakanda. We also talked about what he’s done to make his Black Panther unique, which is an especially demanding challenge given the character’s expansive history and legacy. We at ComicsVerse have been fans of his work since the new series started, so it was great to finally meet the man behind such great work.


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