Ben Templesmith had the best sense of humor out of anyone we interviewed in our three days at C2E2. Because of technical difficulties (see also: audio equipment not recording any interview material. Many expletives were yelled), we had to interview him a second time. He was a great sport about it, and he used the opportunity to mess with me during the interview. He said we became best friends after doing the interview twice. He gave me an long, awkward hug and refuse to stop shaking my hand at the end of the interview. He turned a really frustrating situation into a highlight of my C2E2 experience. It was a an uphill battle to not burst out laughing during the interview.

Templesmith is the artist behind the horror classic 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. He’s also done the art for Image’s series FELL. Templesmith has cut his teeth as a writer and artist on WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE, SINGULARITY 7, and WELCOME TO HOXFORD. His art can also be found in  the STAR WARS, DOCTOR WHO, ARMY OF DARKNESS, and GI JOE properties.

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His work has been on New York Times bestseller lists and has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Eisner and International Horror Guild. He won the International Horror Guild Award for Illustrated Narrative for his work on NIGHTMARE FACTORY in 2007. Recently, he has joined 44 FLOOD. 44 FLOOD’s mission statement is, “We are a collection of individuals drawn together to exercise our common beliefs in art, music, and beauty.” Templesmith said he liked working with the new company because he likes making artifacts. I talked with Templesmith about his current work and experience as an artist.

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