BUG! THE ADVENTURE OF FORAGER #1 by Lee and Mike Allred
The first issue of BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER is an interesting insight into a forgotten character. It's a perfect fit to the YOUNG ANIMAL imprint and a praise to Kirby's creation. The Allred's are certainly a creative team to watch out for.
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Fresh, Trippy, Fourth World Perfection
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DC’s YOUNG ANIMAL imprint launches a new title this week with BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1. Its cover is interesting from the start, Bug upfront with an array of crumbling FOURTH WORLD characters in the background. The book is a reality warping trip, starting with a dream-bending introduction and ends leaves you falling through a dimensional hole.

Starting off part one of “Domino Effect,” the story begins with Bug questioning his personal being and existence. First, he experiences a series of flashbacks of his beginning and his death before emerging in rebirth from a cocoon. Following that, the issue is filled with puzzling chases and interesting encounters with DC universe characters. Also, not only do other FOURTH WORLD appearances occur. There’s also the classic Garret Sanford Sandman and forgotten villain General Electric mixed in.

Who is Bug the Forager?

Forager’s origin has never really been explored too deeply in the comics before. It’s mainly known that he evolved from the “micro-life” on New Genesis during the war with Apokolips. Forager is supposedly a part of a species of humanoid bugs that live in underground colonies within New Genesis. NEW GODS #9 notes that Forager may not even be part of the underground species but comes from a race of gods.

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The Forager only appears in a handful of books over the last 45 years. He made his debut in Jack Kirby’s NEW GODS #9, going through to issue 19. After that, he has only appeared in one other ADVENTURE COMICS story arc and in COSMIC ODYSSEY. In COSMIC ODYSSEY, Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola brought Forager back after a decade of him missing in comics and brought him his death.

Image from BUG THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1, courtesy of DC Comics

Creator Talk

Most noteworthy, Mike Allred is known in the comic book world for his work on BATMAN ’66 and Marvel’s recent SILVER SURFER run. His unique drawings fit in perfectly with the rest of Young Animal’s books so far. It’s a vibrant and retro feel that pops out at the reader keeping the audience interested. His wife, Laura Allred, teamed up to do the coloring for the book. She does an amazing job emphasizing Mike’s work. Laura flows with the dreamy vintage look that Mike produces.

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Strikingly enough, Lee Allred is Mike’s brother who has only done a handful of comics. Lee has mostly done short fiction and single issues of series like Marvel’s FANTASTIC FOUR and some single BATMAN stories. His work on BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1 will be his first full run on a series. Lee is picking up right where Forager left off in the final pages of COSMIC ODYSSEY, showing Foragers death and some new insight into the character.


Overall, BUG! THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER #1 is exactly what Young Animal aims to be: crazy, out of this world, tripped out meta-storytelling. Bringing back anything regarding Jack Kirby will always catch hardcore fans attention, but bringing the Fourth World back through this new imprint will also reach new readers.

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