ComicsVerse’s own Brandon talks to Bruce Timm about the 10th anniversary of DC Comics Animated Films! With the 10th anniversary of their line of animated films, DC Entertainment has unleashed a giant box set containing 30 of their animated films.

From Batman to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, to the entire Justice League being banded together. Bruce Timm has been with DC since being a major contributor to BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, along with almost every film attached to this box set.

Setting the mark and the tone of the DC animated universe, Bruce has revolutionized comic book animation.

ComicsVerse: Hey, I’m Brandon Bloxdorf here at New York Comic Con 2017. Here with Bruce Timm.

Announcement: Here with Bruce Timm.

ComicsVerse: Bruce, so we have the 10th anniversary going on right now for your … that’s being released. You’ve had such an impact and for generations working on these movies. What does that feel like seeing that evolution change from when you started to now?

Bruce Timm: It’s been interesting. You know being in the moment, you’re not really aware of things changing, but looking back on it, it’s like yeah, it is kind of crazy that we’ve actually been doing these movies for like ten years now. It’s like … it’s just remarkable.

ComicsVerse: Yeah, whole like lives have changed over it. You’ve crafted so many great things. Seeing them all put together as one and all the different actors and all the different voice actors you’ve worked with, are you going to continue with DC throughout making this? Do you have any other future plans that you can talk about?

Bruce Timm: Oh, I’m making DC stuff for the foreseeable future. I’m not … don’t have any plans to go out anywhere else.

ComicsVerse: Any projects you can mention that are going to be upcoming that are not included in this box set?

Bruce Timm: Nothing that hasn’t been announced yet. I mean the movie, the latest one, that has been announced and I’m allowed to talk about is Gotham by Gaslight, which is you know based on the famous comic by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola. So that’s coming out I think early next year.

ComicsVerse: How do you take it from the comic book to the screen? To the animated screen? What’s your thought process whenever you transition to that?

Bruce Timm: You don’t have enough time to go through the whole process. I mean everyone is different. Everyone has its own challenges. Some storylines lend themselves to being adapted to a movie easier than others. Sometimes it’s a matter of trying to condense a really big story into a small space, and sometimes it’s taking a really small story and expanding to fit a movie. So, each one has, as I said, it has its own challenges.

ComicsVerse: Nice. Awesome. It was great talking to you. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Bruce Timm: Right on. Take care.

ComicsVerse: Thank you. Over.

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