After taking more than its pound of flesh, 2016 is finally coming to an end. We’re almost into the new year, which for many represents a chance at starting over, learning something, and being better to each other. But it can be hard to know where to start, or whether it’s even worth trying something new. You’ve made New Year’s resolutions before, right? How many of those did you keep? For those who need something to point them in the right direction, I have the story for you: BRUCE LEE IS YOUR ROOMMATE, written by Patrick Miller and illustrated by Irene Koh.

Bruce Lee - 1 - Bruce Lee Is Your Roommate

The premise of BRUCE LEE IS YOUR ROOMMATE is fairly self-evident. Using the second person, the story imagines what it would be like if a young Bruce Lee stayed at your apartment for a few months, bestowing his wisdom upon you during that time. Over tea and weed brownies, you talk about failure, uncertainty, understanding yourself, dating. The story is a lesson in how change doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Action is important, but a new mindset is necessary as well, which makes the idea of doing things differently in the new year (and holding to that path) a much less daunting prospect.

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The best part: it’s really Bruce Lee’s wisdom. All of his dialogue in the story is taken from his books, THE TAO OF JEET KUNE DO and STRIKING THOUGHTS, or from one of his movies. This could easily mean that BRUCE LEE IS YOUR ROOMMATE is simply a collection of Bruce Lee quotes. But by presenting his thoughts in a day-to-day context, as the words of a friend trying to help, they become readily instructive. As the story draws to its conclusion, you’ll likely find yourself wishing it would go on, if only to have “this” Bruce Lee in your corner for just one more of life’s challenges.

An added bonus: the story tries to be as inclusive as possible with its use of second person and the gender-neutral “they” for your partner.

Bruce Lee - 2 - Bruce Lee is Your Roommate

BRUCE LEE IS YOUR ROOMMATE can be downloaded here. If you enjoy the story, the creators encourage you to purchase Bruce Lee’s books and other merchandise at the official store, which helps support the Bruce Lee Foundation. You can also make a direct donation to the foundation.

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