POKEMON fans, and especially long-time ones, will be happy with recent developments in the animated series. For a two-episode segment, Brock and Misty, main character Ash Ketchum’s first partners on his journeys, will return. The series that started with this classic trio will now seemingly pay tribute to its origins by mixing older characters together with new components.

POKEMON Image: Anime Amino
Brock, Misty, and Ash during their early adventures in Kanto.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the story follows Ash Ketchum, a 10-year-old boy whose biggest dream in life is to become a Pokemon master. In this world, regular animals are replaced with Pokemon. These are strange creatures with powers and unique abilities. A Pokemon trainer catches and raises these creatures, then battles against other trainers to become stronger. Along the way, trainers challenge gyms and other masters to gain prestige and earn the right to battle the strongest trainers in the world. Ash travels from region to region, finding new Pokemon, meeting new people, and working his way toward becoming the best there ever was.

The current arc takes place in the Alola region. It’s a Hawaii-esque paradise with all new Pokemon and challenges for Ash. The story line is pretty similar to that of the video games. Ash needs to clear island challenges before he can test his mettle before the Pokemon league, where each island’s Kahuna will battle him.

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The Announcement

The special announcement comes from the latest issue of Televi-Kun on Twitter:


For all you non-Japanese speakers, check out the translated transcript courtesy of Kotaku:

“Brock and Misty will appear in the September 14 and September 21 Sun Moon episodes, during which Ash will be journeying back to Kanto, and he’ll meet up with his old pals.”

The two episodes will air in Japan on September 14 and September 21. Because the English series is extremely far behind the Japanese one, we in the West will most likely be waiting for a bit before we see an English version.

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Old Pokemon, New Tricks

For fans both old and new, this is a cross between different aspects of the POKEMON world. In the past, certain regions were explored and moved on from. Now, we’ll get to see new components across older places. This is more or less a complete reinvention of the older sagas with Ash and friends.

During the two-episode special, Ash and his trusty partner, Pikachu, will return to their home region of Kanto for a school project. While there, the duo will meet with their old friends and their respective teams. An example of a new component that will be shown is Mega Evolution. Unlike the normal evolution, where a Pokemon permanently changes shape, Mega Evolution is temporary and generally just for battles. This means that Brock’s Steelix will become Mega Steelix, and Misty’s Gyrados will become Mega Gyarados. Nostalgic viewers will get to see these incredible (and fan favorite) trainers become even more powerful.

POKEMON is a series that has transcended generational gaps. Nowadays, a parent buying a new POKEMON game for their child will likely recall playing the same games in their childhood. Bringing in older characters is an excellent way to fortify the bridges between the age gaps which helps to keep it a timeless series and a timeless franchise.

Featured Image from Nintendo News.

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